Complete your Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces set with a cheap ETB

Em Stonham
Pokemon Temporal Forces ETB with game background.

If you’re looking to finish your Temporal Forces collection, you may want to check out Walmart’s site – the Elite Trainer Box is heavily discounted right now.

Temporal Forces has been going down a treat with Pokemon TCG collectors, thanks to its incredible artwork, potential value, and competitively viable cards. The pull rates have caused some controversy but on the whole, it’s been a fun set to rip into.

The Elite Trainer Box for the Temporal Forces set is currently discounted by $15 at Walmart and it’s worth taking a look at if you’re a collector. It’s a random listing, meaning you will end up with either the Iron Leaves variant or the Walking Wake variant.

Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box contents.
Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box contents.

If you’ve never picked up an Elite Trainer Box before, they come with heaps of Booster Packs along with Energy and promo cards, TCG accessories like dice and damage counters, and other essentials like card sleeves. The box itself is great for storage, too, and it comes with dividers.

ETBs are a solid way to add to your Pokemon TCG collection and we were pleased with the overall haul when we reviewed this particular product.

If you’re looking for something with more Booster Packs, though, why not check out the Temporal Forces Booster Display? It’s a higher-price item but it comes with a virtual mountain of Booster Packs, so it’s a good pick if you’re a completionist.

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