Summit1g rolls back the years with perfect Sea of Thieves Athena heist

Sam Comrie
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Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has embraced the pirate’s life for years in Sea of Thieves, and now the content creator has returned the thrill of an Athena heist. 

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is known for hopping between multiple games on Twitch, but the RARE-developed Sea of Thieves strikes a chord with the streamer like no other.

Having taken to the high seas with some incredible pirate shenanigans in the past, the former CS:GO pro has taken viewers on a trip down memory lane.

Returning to the immense excitement of an Athena heist, Summit reminded viewers why Sea of Thieves is such a blast to begin with.

Summit has entertained fans with his Sea of Thieves adventures many times.

Summit1g carries out Athena heist with ease

During Summit’s April 10 Twitch stream, the content creator was deep into an Athena heist on the high tides. Waiting to pounce on unsuspecting rivals with his compatriots, the streamer was quick to punish the opposition for attempting to make away with the ocean’s treasures.

Initially, Summit was using the environment to his advantage, lurking in the shrubbery for a window to strike. As soon as his teammates spotted a band of merry pirates escaping with the goods, Summit didn’t hesitate to send them to a watery grave.

Athena’s Chest aka Chest of Legends are among the most valuable loot in the game and often require at least an hour of your time to acquire them. If players are able to sabotage rivals on a gilded Athena voyage, then they’ll be able to grab themselves at least 3 chests by the end.

The squad was almost unsuccessful, as their enemies scarpered for safety with the coveted Athena loot upon their person. In the end, the spoils went to the victors, as Summit and his teammates netted a tidy profit: 27,000 worth of Gold.

With another successful trip to the edges of the ocean complete, we’re sure that we’ll see Summit again waving his pirate flag proud.

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