Shroud wants more people invited to second OfflineTV Rust server after “sh*tshow”

Alex Tsiaoussidis
OfflineTV Rust Shroud

Shroud wants more people to join in the action on OfflineTV’s second Rust server, claiming it’s more suitable for those trying to role-play than the first server, which he described as a “sh*tshow.”

OfflineTV’s Rust server has been making headlines for weeks now due to all the drama and chaos. However, the addition of a second, more role-play-focused server has been a breath of fresh air for players who wanted a more meaningful experience beyond killing, dying, and griefing.

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is one of those players, even though he’s perfectly capable of holding his own against in player-versus-player combat. He thinks stricter rules and regulations are better for everyone, and so far, they have been.

OfflineTV Rust Shroud
OfflineTV’s Rust server has breathed extra life into the popular and unique game.

However, he still has some qualms with the server, or rather, the number of invites that have been sent out. Shroud wants the server’s creator, Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung, to invite more people still stuck in the first one. He feels like they’re missing out on a better experience.

“I personally think Abe should invite way more people,” he said. “Because server one is such a sh*tshow, I think every single person who is actually trying to role-play and trying to have interactions… that are somewhat engaging, I think all of those people should be invited to server two today.”

“Because if they don’t, then there’s a chance they’ll miss out on so much, that they might not even want to play,” he added. “I really do think the people that don’t want to deal with the crazy killing 24/7 on server one, they should be invited here. Obviously, it’s not my say, but that’s just my opinion.”

It’s a sentiment that others share. For example, one fan pointed out that some creators have logged off prematurely after struggling to find anyone to create content with.

However, others mentioned that while the suggestion is warranted, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. They feel bad for Abe, who is caught in the middle, trying to give everyone the best possible experience.

Either way, the second server has had a bit of a rough start. But it’s still produced some entertaining content, and it will only get better. Still, it might be hard to compete with all the drama in the first one.

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