Dafran gets ultimate revenge on trashtalking Symfuhny in OfflineTV Rust server

Alex Garton
Twitch: dafran/Facepunch Studios

Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca decided to take revenge on fellow Twitch streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier after he caught him trash talking. All seemed well until he realized he’d accidentally shot the wrong person.

The OfflineTV Rust server has been an overwhelming success with Twitch viewers, providing some of the best content on the platform. Some of the biggest names on Twitch have been playing the game including Shroud, xQc, Pokimane, and Corpse.

It was announced by Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung that the server would be shut down on January 5 in preparation for the new server arriving on January 7.

Of course, with the server set to be reset, January 4 was an action-packed and drama-filled day on the OfflineTV Rust server. One incredible encounter involved dafran accidentally killing Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop in an assassination attempt gone wrong.

Facepunch Studios
Rust was first available to play all the way back in 2013.

Dafran takes revenge on Rust with a sniper

After logging back into Rust, Twitch streamer Symfuhny soon realized that someone had built a giant ice wall around his base. This meant that he unable to leave and he immediately called out dafran as the culprit: “How the f**k are we gonna get out, dude these walls are huge… Who’s this f***king dafran guy.”

Later on in the stream, Symfuhny was voicing his frustration with dafran to a group of server members that included fellow Twitch personality CouRageJD. During the conversation, one of the players asked Symfuhny who built the wall, to which he replied: “dafran… washed up Overwatch player.”

It was this reply that would ultimately result in the accidental killing of CouRageJD and Symfuhny’s eventual demise. Little did they know, dafran had been listening in to the whole conversation and was laying in wait with a sniper.

It was only after he’d taken the shot that the streamer realized he’d accidentally killed CouRageJD, leaving Symfuhny to make a run for it. Dafran’s desperation to reload his sniper as Symfuhny makes a run for woods is absolutely hilarious.

Unable to get the shot off in time, it looks as if Symfuhny has escaped with his life. However, one of dafran’s teammates chased him down and secured the revenge for him.

Although the sequence of events didn’t exactly go to plan, in the end, dafran did get his revenge. On top of this, it made for a hilarious series of events that shows why Rust is so great to watch.

The OfflineTV server may have caused a lot of unnecessary drama, but it’s also provided viewers with some great content. Fingers crossed the new one arriving on January 7 is just as entertaining.