Rogue Company ranked play finally coming – everything we know so far

Bill Cooney
Rogue Company Ranked Beta header

Rogue Company players have been waiting for a ranked mode to come to Hi-Rez’s team-based FPS since the beta went live, and one will finally be arriving in the next update.

Since release, Rogue Company has had no competitive ranking or matchmaking systems, but that’s all about the change once the next patch hits.

On Monday, October 26, head developer Scott Lussier announced that ranked play would be the next major feature coming to the game, in one of his Twitter video commentaries.

The Beta will test out the game’s competitive game mode, and let players try out their strategy and skills against one another in a skill-based matchmaking system. Matchups in the ranked queue will also finally put players on even teams to face off.

Additionally, Lussier added that only Demolition mode would be available for ranked to start off with, but devs are looking into including other game modes as well.

“Ranked Beta features a total of 30 ranked levels, and in order to queue for Ranked Beta, you must be level 30,” Lussier explained. “Cute, isn’t it? All players will start at level one with the goal of achieving Rogue, AKA level 30. The only way to rank up is by winning matches, which means players can de-rank by losing matches.”

Rogue Company competitive ranks
The different ranks players can reach during the Rogue Company Ranked Beta.

If you’re going to put all the time and effort into ranked play, it helps to have some rewards for players to work towards, and there are two exclusive items to be unlocked during the Beta in competitive.

The first is a banner that’s rewarded for playing 30 matches of Ranked – win or lose, it doesn’t matter. The next one is an exclusive skull badge awarded to those elite few who make it all the way to level 30 and the rank of Rogue.

Rogue Company ranked beta rewards
The two rewards that can be earned through Rogue Company’s Ranked Beta.

So how long do we have to wait for ranked? Scott did say it would be in the “next update” but conveniently left out the exact date for when that patch will arrive.

Hi-Rez seems to like putting out Rogue Company updates on Tuesday or Wednesday, around the middle of the week, so we would keep our eyes peeled for ranked to arrive either this week or the next.

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