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Rogue Company

When is Rogue Company coming out? Release date, closed beta, more

Published: 23/Jul/2020 14:33 Updated: 5/Aug/2020 13:57

by Daniel Cleary


Hi-Rez Studios is back with a brand new multiplayer shooter called Rogue Company. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming title including the release date, how to get beta access, and more.

The team-based shooter Rogue Company was first announced by Hi-Rez and First Watch Games at Nintendo Direct back in 2019, revealing that it would also be available for all major platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Following much anticipation from fans of the Smite and Paladins publisher, Hi-Rez finally moved the new shooter into the closed beta stage on July 20, allowing players to try it out before the game’s launch later in the year.

Rogues from Rogue company game
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Rogue Company has now released a closed beta.

What is Rogue Company?

Rogue Company is a tactical third-person multiplayer title that features a “top-secret syndicate of elite mercenaries” from all over the globe as playable characters.

The online shooter allows you to pick between each of these “Rogues” and compete in a variety of unique PVP game modes, which have been designed with both casual and competitive play in mind.

Hi-Rez has included some interesting aspects to Rogue Company’s gameplay, with features that are commonly seen in battle royale titles, such as being downed and gliding into the map, also being included in the team-based shooter.

You can check out the full gameplay reveal trailer below.

How to get access to Rogue Company’s closed beta

As of July 20, Rogue Company has moved into its closed beta stage, meaning that you can now get early access to try it out.

To gain access to the closed beta, players will need to go to Rogue Company’s official website and purchase one of the ‘Founder’s Packs’, starting at $14.99, which comes with six Rogues and other cosmetics already unlocked.

There are multiple versions of this Founder’s Pack available and they each come with their own perks, however, it has been revealed that the game will later be released as a free to play title.

character from Rogue company trailer
HiRez Studios
Rogue Company includes plenty of unique weapon choices.

When will Rogue Company be released as free-to-play?

The official launch date for Rogue Company as a free-to-play title has still yet to be confirmed by Hi-Rez Studios or First Watch Games.

Although it remains unclear exactly when it could be launched, it was previously revealed during the Nintendo Direct event that the game would be released at some point during 2020.

During a recent blog post, the Rogue Company devs also shared that cross-play and cross-progression across platforms, two heavily requested features, have already been enabled for those who link their accounts.

It is likely that Hi-Rez will share more information about the launch date and other Rogue Company details over the course of the closed beta.


Mr Beast gives away Teslas for Rogue Company wins

Published: 20/Oct/2020 17:47

by Jacob Hale


Forever finding new ways to share his wealth, Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson offered his friends a new Tesla each — just for winning matches of Hi-Rez’s new first-person shooter Rogue Company.

Mr Beast is among the most popular creators on YouTube, with over 60 million subscribers across his channels, with some of his biggest videos being those where he does huge giveaways, be it money, cars, or even a private island.

Always thinking outside the box, though, Jimmy decided to turn his Rogue Company-sponsored video into yet another giveaway — and he made it a big one.

Mr Beast private island giveaway YouTube
Instagram: mrbeast
Earlier in 2020, Mr Beast bought a $700,000 private island and let his friends compete to win it.

At the start of the video, Mr Beast explains that as part of the sponsored video, he will give away a Tesla to each of his friends based on the Rogue Company matches they win.

The first game of the series was for Chandler to win one, the second for Chris, and the third and final matchup of their four-man roster was to win a Tesla for Karl.

The first match was a piece of cake for Beast and co., winning 7-0 to earn Chandler his Tesla, the first to be given away.

The second game was a quick loss, meaning Chris missed out on the new car, before the final match went the team’s way once again, with Karl winning the second Tesla given away in the video.

Obviously, it’s hard enough to maintain focus and not let nerves get the better of you when you’re trying your hardest to win in any game, but when you know you’re possibly getting a brand new Tesla worth tens of thousands of dollars, we can only imagine the pressure ramps up a bit.

Needless to say, everyone wants a friend like Mr Beast, especially if it means free cars just for winning in a video game.