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5 best Rogue Company characters to play in ranked

Published: 5/Nov/2020 10:53

by James Busby


Whether you’re teaming up with a bunch of buddies or queuing up for some solo games, you’ll want to pick the very best Rogue Company characters. Make sure you use these five Rogues to help increase your ranked win rate.  

Rogue Company’s ranked mode is finally here, and players have been busy climbing the competitive ladder. Just like most ranked modes, you’ll need a decent understanding of the game’s core mechanics, good map knowledge, and mastery of each rogue’s abilities. After all, you won’t get very far without using the best tips and tricks


While Rogue Company’s competitive mode offers no difference in terms of gameplay, the overall skill level is much higher. To help you increase your eliminations and win rate, we’ve put together a list of the best rogues you should be using in ranked. These characters will give you the tools needed to gain that competitive edge, so be sure to check out our guide below before you queue up for that next ranked match. 


Saint abilities
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Saint is the backbone of the best-ranked team comps.

This lifesaving medic previously topped our Rogue Company character tier list, and it’s certainly not hard to see why. Not only does Saint’s MLX Mark 4 assault rifle deliver highly damage rounds, but it also is incredibly accurate. Saint is one of the few rogues in the current game who can scope in on their targets, achieving incredible accuracy during mid to long-range engagements. 


Not only does Rogue Company’s resident medic have decent kill potential, his Revive Drone and passive also allow him to effortlessly save any downed teammates. Being able to rescue an ally without leaving cover is huge, particularly in high tiers of play where positioning is vital. If you’re tired of your teammates going down in the final rounds or wish to increase your squad’s survivability, then you can’t go wrong with Saint. 


Talon abilities
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Talon’s Radar Dart provides game-changing info on enemy locations.

Having excellent map awareness and knowing the exact position of your enemies will drastically increase your ranked win rate. As a result, Talon joins those at the very top of the competition. The infamous enforcer provides vast amounts of intel with his Radar Dart, exposing any nearby enemies on your radar. 


Once you have spotted any targets, you can convey this information to your team and begin setting up deadly ambushes. Talon excels at taking down his foes before they can even react. This effectively allows his team to aggressively push or defend the objective. While having a decent aim can give you the advantage in 1v1 fights, grabbing enemy intel is even more beneficial. 


Chaac abilities
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Chaac proves that you play solo and still be effective in ranked.

Until Rogue Company goes free-to-play later this year, there will be many of you who will be queuing up for ranked games alone. While solo queue can be a mixed bag at the best of times, we found that Chaac is a fantastic pick for those that truly wish to carry their team. A current problem in Rogue Company is the lack of team revives, with many players often choosing to not aid downed teammates. 


Fortunately, Chaac doesn’t need any help from his team. Should you get caught and enter the downed state, Chaac can simply use his Stim Pack to get back on his feet. If that wasn’t enough, his passive gives him increased health and grants him the ability to dodge roll when downed. This makes Chaac incredibly difficult to kill, particularly when you pair him with the supportive heals from Saint. His SKL-6 shotgun also does ludicrous damage and can quickly delete multiple foes during those sneaky close-quarter flanks. 


Ronin abilities
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Ronin is one of the most versatile rogues in the current ranked meta.

Ronin is one of the most popular duelists in the game and while she may not share the enhanced movement abilities of Lancer, she does bring a lot of versatility to any team. The current meta favors rogues that can actively reveal enemy locations, so having a pick that can remain hidden from prying eyes is game-changing. 


Ronin’s Ballistic Knife can be used both offensively and defensively. When attacking, simply throw the knife towards grouped enemies to force them out of cover and into the open. Not only will this give you the opportunity to catch fleeing enemies, it will also allow your team to aggressively flank around them.

Ronin’s explosive knife can also be planted behind common walkways and areas that see high player traffic. Unlike the other duelists in the game, Ronin’s KA30 assault rifle deals great damage at mid to long-range firefights. This is huge as Ronin can safely down enemies without the need to get into close-quarter firefights. 


Dallas abilities
HiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Ranked games are won and lost on enemy information alone, so Dallas is always a good pick.

Dallas has been tearing up the battlefield since day one. This deadly rogue has the ability to reveal the closest enemy on the map, effectively recharging his Target Finder whenever he successfully downs an enemy. While it may seem like a risk vs reward ability, Dallas’ assault rife and DMR allow you to easily poke down multiple foes. 

The additional 25 armor Dallas gets from the Headstrong perk also gives him a tremendous amount of survivability. In fact, killing this expert tracker can be incredibly difficult, especially when he knows your exact location. If you wish to actively hunt down your prey and send them reeling back to the spectator screen, then Dallas is your man.