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Two Rocket League players banned after throwing RLCS match

Published: 8/Apr/2020 2:41

by Andrew Amos


Two Australian Rocket League players have been banned from all tournaments for a year after throwing a Rocket League Championship Series match that had huge implications on the league’s playoffs picture.

After a three-day long investigation, two Rocket League players have been suspended for a year for their involvement in a throw in the Rocket League Oceanic Championship (RLOC).

Team Esper’s Aiden ‘delusioN’ Hendry and Finlay ‘Frenzyy’ Rockach both received one-year bans. Teammate Steve ‘SSteve’ Berrospi avoided a ban after being cleared by Psyonix’s investigation.

Team Esper were up against Fury in the RLOC in the final game of League Play, with massive playoffs implications.

A 3-0 or 3-1 win secured playoffs for Esper, while a win, regardless of scoreline, sent Fury into the top four. However, on the fringe was Renegades, who would have progressed if Esper won 3-2.

After the series went to 2-2, and Esper’s chances of making playoffs were squashed, game 5 was their last chance of redeeming themselves. However, It was clear from the offset that something strange was occurring, which the casters were quick to point out after the very first kickoff.

“It might be that Team Esper just don’t want Renegades in playoffs,” one said after the Esper players appear to avoid the ball. “It’s looking like they’re giving the win to Fury, I’m not sure if this is allowed. Someone’s going to have to have words with them.”

The squad was dropped by Team Esper shortly after the conclusion of the game, but Dexerto can confirm that the squad’s departure had nothing to do with the fixed game. The team was able to leave to “pursue other opportunities,” owner ‘Focus’ told Dexerto.

The players, especially delusioN and Frenzyy, received criticism online after their performance in the final game of league play. SSteve immediately distanced himself from his former teammates, putting out a statement on Twitter saying he “didn’t throw.”

“I’m truly sorry the way it ended,” he added. “As of [Sunday], I decided that I am no longer a part of the ex-Esper roster.”

Frenzyy and delusioN were sanctioned under section 7.2.1 of the Rocket League Championship Series Player Code of Conduct.

This clause upholds “competitive integrity,” and sets expectations for each player “to play to the best of her or his ability at all times during any match.”

Their ban will be lifted on April 7, 2021.

Rocket League

Rocket League players petition Psyonix to add custom map creator

Published: 25/Oct/2020 10:07

by Joe Craven


Frustrated Rocket League players, led by Treyven ‘Lethamyr’ Robitaille, have called on developers Psyonix to add a custom map creator to the explosive soccer title.

It’s fair to assume that Rocket League’s player count has risen quite considerably following its release as a free to play title.

Psyonix took the decision to make their 2015 title free to all players, but it seems that some more experienced players believe the game is becoming stale off the back of this decision.

Rocket League Patch Notes
Rocket League originally released in 2015, but was made free to play on September 23, 2020.

One of these players is Canadian Rocket League pro Lethamyr, who is currently part of The mustyteers’ active roster. On October 24, he posted a series of tweets criticizing the stagnant state of the game, and called on its developers to add more support for custom map designs.

“A month has passed since the Free to Play update and there’s no new gameplay content (I don’t consider tournaments a new way to play the game),” he tweeted. “Watch my video that’s coming out in 4 minutes and tell me why this shouldn’t be in the game, and starting REACHING OUT to these amazing people who are trying to make Rocket League better for FREE.”

Unsurprisingly, Lethamyr’s video doubles down on his calls for custom map support to be added, even threatening to quit the game if the features are not added.

He followed up with one final tweet, asking how many people need to call for the changes for Psyonix to add them: “So Rocket League how many signatures on a petition would it take to have more Custom Map support? I feel like I’m already expecting no response but we gotta try.”

There did seem to be a lot of support for his proposals, with his tweet amassing over 1,000 likes at the time of writing. Similarly, a post on the Rocket League subreddit received 3,000 upvotes within 12 hours of its posting, suggesting there is an appetite for the features.

Whether Psyonix bow to public demand is another matter, but some big names in the community appear to be losing patience.