Rocket League caster can’t stop laughing after terrible tournament fail

Unsplash / Psyonix

A Rocket League caster lost all composure while commentating in a tournament, as he was unable to stop laughing after a truly shocking fail prevented a goal from being scored.

Rocket League is consistently one of the stronger esports from a viewership and audience-engagement perspective, often reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers for major tournaments.

The fast, simple gameplay is enough for anyone to understand and get hooked on, but sometimes things just aren’t as easy as they seem. This was evidenced when a player missed an easy goal in a tournament — and one of the casters just couldn’t hold back his laughter.

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Enjoying the pure humiliation and terrible luck of Steffie in the Bubble League Invitational, Daniel ‘DannyBoyATM’ Knight was absolutely wheezing at a miss that could have put Steffie’s SaD team even further in the lead.

With a rebound off the goalpost, Steffie had a very simple jump shot that should have just ricocheted into the goal, but instead, they mistimed it and sent the ball flying into the air, ready for an opposing defender to fly up and regain possession.

After about 20 seconds of unreplicable wheezing and laughing coming from Knight, his co-caster managed to formulate the words that he was unable to, saying: “Steffie, what a wonderful shot but unfortunately off the post and missed it.”

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Finally managing to calm down slightly, DannyBoy simply asked: “What do you mean unfortunate?!” clearly implying that it might not have been misfortune that contributed to the miss.

Although the opposition started to mount a comeback, Steffie managed to score to finish the game with a 3-2 win, rectifying their earlier mistake — one that they might not live down for a while.

Even if their teammates forget about it, we’re not sure DannyBoy will for a very long time.