Roblox dev shocks players by creating the most realistic gun in the game

Rishabh Sabarwal
Polybattle game on Roblox

A Roblox developer has gained widespread attention after showing off a shockingly realistic weapon from their Roblox Studio project. The weapon’s incredibly smooth controls piqued the interest of the player community, who are now desperate to experience it for themselves.

Roblox is one of the most popular game creation systems in the world because it allows developers the freedom to construct whatever they want using the powerful tools included in Roblox Studio. Over the years, Roblox creators have innovated and expanded the platform by making visually attractive games with cutting-edge visuals.

Players love the visually appealing part of the game as well as pitching in on the family-oriented fun that Roblox is renowned for, with creations ranging from reproductions of Call of Duty to Wolfenstein.

Realistic Guns FPS game on Roblox

Insanely realistic gun created in Roblox

Gvido Valentino, a Roblox developer, made a first-person shooter in Roblox Studio that was clearly influenced by Call of Duty and posted a clip of it online with the caption “Weapon for an upcoming game.” The player fires an Assault Rifle they’ve built from the first-person perspective, complete with a sight and advanced technology.

Players were astounded by the weapon’s hyper-realistic design and couldn’t believe it was created purely in Roblox. A shocked gamer commented on the clip, “Looks like borderlands gun”, pointing out the design and resemblance of the weapon shown, to the classic FPS game franchise.

An experienced gamer pitched in their thoughts on the design when they said, “If that is what the gun looks like, I would make all that a customizable add-on. Otherwise then it is too much ‘clutter’ on the screen with a bunch of weird looking stuff on your gun at all times”.

However, reminiscing about the classic Roblox design a player replied, “Is it just me or it’s kinda sad how advanced Roblox games are going to get. I am going to miss the really simple games”.

As Roblox’s metaverse expands, more and more high-tech games are being created, but some of the game’s OG users are concerned that Roblox could lose its signature “block-style” aesthetic as a result.

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