Roblox dev creates the most brutal game ever and leaves players in disbelief

Rishabh Sabarwal
Roblox characters in a world

The developer of a game built in Roblox Studio went viral after sharing a clip of the game online, which featured graphic acts of violence and gore. The Roblox player community, however, has expressed some strong opinions on the matter, including the possibility that it may become the platform’s next major trend.

Roblox is a popular gaming platform among families because it allows children to play games that are both educational and suitable for their age group. On the other hand, there’s a hidden subculture of adults using the service to make violent, explicit games.

As more and more adults enter the Roblox metaverse, the popularity of games with graphic depictions of violence and explicit content has skyrocketed. This is because the tools in Roblox Studio are open enough for developers to play around with to make their own unique experiences.

One such creator recreated the first-person shooter Postal 2 from 2003 on Roblox and uploaded a gameplay footage with gruesome themes such as dismembered limbs, blood, and more. The video was shared widely on Reddit, where members of the gaming community expressed their shock and amazement.

Several Roblox characters look at the camera while having fun

Roblox users shocked as developer uploads clip from most brutal game

A Roblox developer called ToXack created a re-imagined version of Postal 2 on the platform and shared a clip from the game saying, “Rostal, a Postal 2-inspired project I’ve been working on.” In the footage, the player shoots avatars in first-person, dismembering them while blood spills forth.

The gamer then kicks the dead on the floor and walks over them. The clip largely employed pistols to kill adversaries, but it also used hand grenades, staple guns, and more.

“That is some of the unique blood for a gore system I’ve seen in a while. Looks awesome,” a user said, praising the clip’s blood effects. “It went through a few iterations before I settled on what I have now,” the developer replied, directing the user to their YouTube channel where the whole development video can be viewed.

However, heeding worries about censoring such games on platforms, a user commented, “This would get removed so quickly,” to which another user replied, “Many games have much worse gore in them compared to this.”

Adding to the nostalgia of older Roblox graphics, an OG player said, “I like that it leans into the (older?) Roblox aesthetic,” reminding others how perfect the recreation is. Since Roblox games incorporate blood mechanics now, the game may be age-restricted rather than withdrawn upon its release altogether.

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