Even Red Dead Online’s NPCs have given up on the game

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A strange Red Dead Online glitch plaguing PC and consoles has even caused the NPCs to abandon Red Dead Redemption 2’s online component.

In a message to the Red Dead and GTA Online communities earlier this summer, Rockstar Games confirmed that development resources have “steadily” shifted to support production on the next GTA installment.

But while GTA Online recently received a major content update with The Criminal Enterprises, such development efforts for Red Dead Online have ceased.

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Red Dead faithful expressed their displeasure in the news, of course, lamenting Rockstar’s abandonment of a project that already received so little love.

And now it appears as though Rockstar isn’t the only one to walk away from the Wild West-set experience.

NPCs have also given up on Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online player and Reddit user kobeh22 claims that upon recently logging in, they never encountered a single non-playable character. The same Redditor later added that animal spawns seem to be on the fritz, as well.

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While someone posited it as a PC-specific issue, a couple of other players chimed in to say that they’ve run into a similar problem on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

The bug responsible for Red Dead Online’s missing NPCs and animals seems randomized, though, as not everyone has encountered the same hiccup.

Random error or not, replies to the Reddit thread are filled with jokes about even NPCs giving up on the online suite.

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“Even the NPCs are tired of Rockstar’s sh**,” LennehMuBoah said. “They moved on to GTA6 like everything else,” Setnareddit joked in another response.

Whatever is going on with Red Dead Online and its NPCs, it seems to have amplified the community’s frustration with how Rockstar has handled long-term support.

Rockstar Games rolled out the title’s last major content update, Blood Money, in July 2021.

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