Red Dead Redemption 2 player begs Rockstar to help save 6,000 hours of Stadia progress

Eleni Thomas
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In light of the Google Stadia being shut down, one Red Dead Redemption 2 player is asking Rockstar to help him recover the almost 6,000 hours he has spent playing the game on the hardware.

The Google Stadia is set to shut down in January 2023. The decision came due to Google’s struggles to compete with other Cloud gaming services such as Xbox. And while the company has promised refunds and compensation, one of the biggest community concerns is what will happen to in-game progress once the Stadia is offline for good?

As first reported by GamesRadar, YouTuber ItsColourTV is calling on Red Dead Redemption 2 developer Rockstar to allow for “one-time character transfers” so that the progress he has made on the game will not go to waste.

Colour initially tweeted out an image of the hours spent on Red Dead 2, captioning the post “No you don’t understand how seriously pissed off I am right now.” He then sent out a follow-up tweet shortly after explaining the context as well as adding how he is “begging” Rockstar to allow him to transfer the data over.

While there are currently methods in place to transfer single-player progress from Red Dead 2 from Stadia to PC, Colour is seeking a multiplayer transfer. Something that – at this point in time – cannot be completed.

Other developers are already looking into a solution 

While Rockstar is yet to comment on how or if they plan on dealing with the Stadia shutting down, other big gaming developers are already taking steps to ensure data and progress will be transferable.

Ubisoft Support issued a tweet on the first day of October, detailing how they’re looking to use “Ubisoft Connect” as a way to transfer Stadia data over to PC.

Similarly, Bungie posted online that they have begun the “next steps” to putting a “plan of action” in place to help Destiny 2 players on the Stadia keep all their progress and save file data. Many other developers have also voiced their intentions to take on similar actions.

However, with the Stadia shutdown still over three months away, time will tell if Google themselves will work in partnership with game companies to make the data transition as smooth and universal as possible for everyone.

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