Red Dead Redemption 2 mod adds cars and it’s actually incredible

Rishabh Sabarwal
Red Dead Redemption 2 Cars Mod

The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 mod brings cars to the game and it’s incredible. Here’s how it works and how you can get it in the game.

Thanks to its stunning open world, riveting plot, and engaging gameplay, Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 stunned the gaming world. The standard edition of the game isn’t where the fun stops, though. Players may now elevate their Wild West experience with a multitude of RDR2 mods, all thanks to the inventive and dedicated modding community.

There’s a mod out there for everyone, whether they like visual improvements, changes to the gameplay, or intense role-playing experiences. Access to previously inaccessible locations can also be unlocked with certain mods, leading to exciting new adventures and hidden mysteries.

An image from Red Dead Redemption 2 of Arthur Morgan and a horse.
RDR 2 mods add significant enhancements to the game.

Now players have finally received a mod that makes traversal easier across the Wild West. The mod in question introduces cars to RDR2 and it’s one of the best additions yet. Here’s how it works.

RDR 2 fans can’t believe the latest mod that adds Cars

A modder named WesternGamer 1 published a mod on January 25 that drops cars into Red Dead Redemption 2. A clip of the working mod was then shared by SynthPotato on X who also explained how players can get it.

In the clip, Arthur Morgan can be seen getting inside a Model T car to drive it around the rough terrain. While the driving mechanics seem to be in place, driving too fast can crash the car altogether.

Players can easily install the mod by following the steps and downloading it from the mod’s page here. The unreal addition of cars in RDR2 stunned fans as they couldn’t contain their excitement on social media.

One such fan said, “Welp, time to do a full walkthrough with cars installed.” Another chimed in, “Cars of some kind existed IRL in all the years of RDR and RDR2 so some period-correct models could be fine additions.”

However, several players questioned the mod’s gameplay mechanics, with one player asking, “Is it an actual car or is just the horse carriage remodeled?” A fourth user pondered, “Wait so can you whistle and summon your car?”

While players wait for Rockstar Games’ next title, GTA 6, the RDR2 community remains alive, thanks to the modding community’s exciting efforts.

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