Red Dead Online’s latest update will introduce new bounty system to combat griefers

Bill Cooney

The next update for Rockstar’s Red Dead Online will arrive on February 26 and contains several changes, including a new “Law and Bounty” system designed to deter players from randomly killing other players.

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Red Dead Online went live just about a month after Red Dead Redemption 2 came out on October 26, but the online game was soon criticized for what many players saw as a lack of content.

One of the biggest changes coming in the update affects player visibility, players minimap dots won’t become visible unless players are within 150 meters of one another, a little longer if they fire their weapon.

Players who attack other players and are just hostile in general, will have their position and the position of their posse, become progressively more visible on the minimap to everyone.

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There’s also a new Law and Bounty system, which will now assign players a bounty based on the crimes they’ve committed, and dispatch a number of NPC bounty hunters to track the player and try and collect the bounty by killing them, similar to single-player mode.

Different crimes will have different bounty values based on how serious the crime is, so killing another player unprovoked would warrant a high bounty, while other crimes like assaulting townsfolk or animal cruelty would cause less of a bounty.

If a player’s bounty exceeds a certain amount and Bounty Hunters take notice, they’ll be wanted dead and the NPCs will begin their pursuit the higher the bounty, the greater the player’s value and the more difficult the pursuit becomes.

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Rockstar will also be adding new Daily Challenges for players from which they can earn XP and gold nuggets.

Daily Challenges can range from looking for herbs, selling items at a Fence, hunting and skinning animals, clearing hideouts of enemies, winning Feuds and more.

Rockstar said in the update that select weapons will also be balanced, like the Varmint Rifle, which is having it’s accuracy brought more in line with other longarm weapons.

The latest Red Dead Online update will happen on Tuesday, February 26.