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Apex Legends

Do you need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play Apex Legends?

Published: 21/Apr/2021 17:18

by Matt Porter


Apex Legends is a totally free-to-play game on consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch – or is it? If you are on PlayStation or Xbox, you may be wondering if you need PS plus and XBL Gold to play online.

The fact that Apex Legends is free to download is one of the big reasons for its success, allowing it to rival games like Fortnite and Warzone, also free-to-play.

While PC players can just download the game and start playing, PS4 and Xbox One players are often unsure as to whether they need PS Plus and Xbox Live subscriptions to play the game online with friends.


Lifeline in Apex LegendsApex Legends is free to download from Respawn Entertainment.

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Apex Legends?

PS4 or PS5 players do not need a PS Plus membership to play Apex Legends online.

As well as being a free download, anyone who owns a PS4 or PS5 console and wants to dive into Apex Legends, simply requires a standard PlayStation account.

PS Plus apex legendsPlayStation players do not need PS plus to play Apex Legends.

Do you need Xbox Live Gold to play Apex Legends?

As of April 21, 2021, players on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X no longer need to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership to player Apex Legends, or any free-to-play game for that matter.

This wasn’t always the case, as Xbox has notably required a subscription to access all online games in the past, regardless of whether or not that game was free. Everything changed in January 2021 when the company announced that they would no longer be requiring it for free games.


As of April 2021, ‘free-to-play now means free-to-play’.

While most players more than likely have a Gold subscription anyway, the fact that they have finally changed up the requirements is nice for players.

We will update this article should any changes be made in the future.