Red Dead Online July 28 DLC update: full patch notes

Calum Patterson
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[jwplayer wZHxbKhS]After weeks of complaining from Red Dead Online players, Rockstar are finally delivering some much-needed content in what they have called a “massive new update.” You can see the patch notes so far below.

RDR2’s online mode started slow, but has grown into a sizeable community who have been asking Rockstar for some attention. While GTA Online remains unparalleled in popularity, Red Dead Online has felt a little neglected, to put it mildly.

In protest, many players actually dressed up in clown outfits in-game – mocking themselves for still remaining loyal to game it seemed Rockstar had forgotten about.

But, that’s not the case, as their big July 28 update is set to put things right.

Player in Red Dead Online
The new Frontier Pursuit is focused on ‘naturalism’.

The patch is for all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PS4), and will include community-requested features as well as the usual bug fixes.

The main attraction though is the new Frontier Pursuit, “that will introduce players to the secrets of naturalism.” Frontier Pursuits were first added back in September 2019, where you specialize as either a bounty hunter, a collector or a trader. Now, naturalist joins the group.

There’s also a new Outlaw Pass – the third pass which people have been waiting on for some time. The previous Outlaw Pass cost 40 gold, so expect it to be similar here.

The update is now live on all platforms, check out the condensed and full patch notes below.

Patch notes: RDO July 28 update

  • New Frontier Pursuit
    • New “Naturalist” Frontier Pursuit Role added.
    • 20 Role Ranks:
      • Novice Tier (Ranks 1-5)
      • Promising Tier (Ranks 6-10)
      • Established Tier (Ranks 11-15)
      • Distinguished Tier (Ranks 16-20)
  • Outlaw Pass 3
    • Costs 40 gold bars for 100 tiers of rewards.
  • New Weapons
    • Elephant Rifle ($580)
    • Improved Bow ($275)
  • New Horse Breed
    • Gypsy Cob
  • New customization including outfits and emotes
  • Improved Daily Challenges Menu
  • New Advanced Camera added to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue
    • Improved features such as increased mobility, filters, and more.
  • Bug fixes and QoL improvements

Full Patch notes for Red Dead Redemption 2 update 1.20

  • Naturalist:
    • The new Naturalist Specialist Role opens a new path around tracking, studying and hunting animals. Naturalists get access to a new role progression, gameplay and several items. To gain access to the Role, visit the Welcome Center in the town of Strawberry to purchase the Sample Kit from Harriet Davenport to get started.
  • Seven new Legendary Animal species
    • Cougar
    • Fox
    • Boar
    • Beaver
    • Wolf
    • Bison
    • Elk
  • Two new Naturalist Role related Free Roam Events:
    • Protect Legendary Animal
    • Wild Animal Tagging
  • Visit Harriet’s Naturalist Store to progress the Naturalist Role, purchase special tonics, and hear about unique missions to participate in. Alternatively, drop by Gus’ Store with animal provisions to craft new clothing items, trinkets and more.
  • New missions to rescue animals from Poachers have been added to Red Dead Online. These can be started by talking to Harriet Davenport, and may appear dynamically throughout the world once you progress through the Naturalist Role.
  • The Wilderness Camp has been added to Red Dead Online, unlocked by progressing through the Naturalist Role. This allows players to create a temporary campfire at a nearby location in the open world, with the ability for up to four players to sit, cook, craft and rest.
  • Five new Dynamic Events have been added across the world
  • New sets of Weekly Collections from Madam Nazar have been added for Collector Role players, which can be sold for an additional bonus
  • Several new Daily Challenges added
  • Several new Awards related to Naturalist, Moonshiner and Collector Role content added
  • The Wheeler Rawson and Co. Club is available. Club membership is automatic and free, giving players rewards as they play during the Membership period from July 28 through October 19, 2020.
  • The Outlaw Pass No. 3 is available through the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue for even more perks and rewards. Everything you unlock during the Membership period from July 28 through October 19, 2020.
  • New items and variations of Clothing and Outfits added for male and female characters.
  • Several new Tonics added
  • Several Animal Trinkets added
  • Several new Crafting Recipes added
  • One new Horse breed with six coat variations added, can be unlocked through Naturalist Role rewards:
    • Gypsy Cob
  • Several new items of Horse Equipment such as Saddles and Saddle Bags added, can be unlocked through Naturalist Role rewards
  • Two new weapons
    • Elephant Rifle
    • Improved Bow
  • Three new weapon variants
    • Varmint Rifle – Naturalist Variant
    • Improved Bow – Horned Variant
    • Improved Bow – Wooden Inlay Variant
  • Several new weapon modifications
    • Components – Grip/Stock – Burled Grip
    • Styles – Metal Material – Tempered Steel
    • Styles – Engraving Material – Coloured Enamel (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow)
    • Styles – Wrap Material – Cloth (Sage/Cobalt)
  • The Advanced Camera has been added to Red Dead Online, purchasable from General Stores or the Handheld Catalogue. As well as improved manoeuvrability and the ability to use filters, it can be used to identify animals in the Animal Field Guide. Additional filters can be unlocked through Outlaw Pass rewards.
  • One new Hairstyle added for male and female
    • Uncombed Balding (Male)
    • Tangled Locks (Female)
  • Six new Emotes added
    • Take Note
    • Confident Dance
    • Formal Dance
    • Thanks
    • Rock Paper Scissors
    • Beat Chest
  • One new walk style, can be unlocked through Outlaw Pass Rewards:
    • Drunk
  • Four new Camp Flags, one new Cripps Outfit and one new breed of Camp Dog have been added to Red Dead Online and can be unlocked through various means
  • Three new Photo Studio Backdrops, unlocked through Outlaw Pass Rewards.
  • Four new Photo Studio Poses, unlocked through Outlaw Pass Rewards.

PlayStation 4 Early Access Content:

  • Legendary Gabbro Horn Ram
  • Legendary Chalk Horn Ram
  • Legendary Rutile Horn Ram
  • Three Fossil Collections
  • Woodcote Poncho

Balancing and Improvements in Red Dead Online

Accessibility Improvements

  • Adjusted colors and transparency of threat indicators on the Radar minimap to improve visibility for different display brightness and in-game lighting conditions. This change has also been made in Story Mode.
  • Holding the Circle/B button to exit the Pause Menu from any screen is now quicker, matching the speed of Catalog and Shop Menus.

Gameplay Improvements

  • ‘Buy Max’ and ‘Buy Max Carried’ options have been added to several consumable items in Shop Menus and the Catalogue for quicker purchases. The ‘Buy Max Carried’ option only considers held inventory space and not postbox space to prevent large accidental purchases.
  • Cooked Meat is now displayed in the Provisions section of the Item Wheel for quicker access
  • Improvements have been made to the Wardrobe system to allow more combinations and removals, including the ability for female characters to remove shirts while wearing corsets
  • Players can now Mercy Kill an animal that is bleeding out. This ability can be unlocked through the Naturalist Role.
  • Aim Assist options within the Settings Menu can now be changed while in a Red Dead Online session, but effects of this change will not apply until the player joins a new session
  • Reduced the chance of ragdoll when a player’s horse starts sliding due to a steep slope in Red Dead Online

For the full list of fixes, changes and improvements in the July 28 update, check out Rockstar’s Support page.