Rapper fails spectacularly after trying to take out another player in Red Dead Online

Bill Cooney
Rockstar Games

Rapper Danny Brown had the perfect plan: take out another player in Red Dead Online while riding by on horseback with the element of surprise, he probably didn’t plan for what would happen when he missed, though.

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Brown is an American rapper famous for albums such as XXX and Old, and often streams a variety of games for fans on his Twitch channel.

Red Dead Online went into open beta on Tuesday, November 27, and players didn’t take long at all to descend into total anarchy.

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As Brown rode up to the other player, he has a hard time finding his aim from the back of his horse, so he decides to hop off and shoot on foot.

Even on the ground, his shot misses the player’s head, his target then rushes him and takes his revenge.

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The streamer seemed to think the whole situation was hilarioius, and couldn’t stop himself from cracking up at his failure.

With Red Dead Online only a few days old, players are sure to find even more elaborate ways to eliminate each other going forward.