Red Dead Redemption Online players are already descending into anarchy

Bill Cooney
Rockstar Games

Players trying out the new Red Dead Redemption 2’s online beta are already causing chaos in the Wild West, as streamer dasMEHDI found out firsthand.

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Red Dead Online went live on Tuesday, November 27 and players are already out and about earning achievements in the game.

In the Online mode, players customize their character and start out at the Sisika Penitentary in the eastern part of the map before heading out into the world to complete challenges and interact with other players in a variety of ways.

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As dasMEHDI rode to his first player encounter in Red Dead Online, he seemed excited to finally meet another player in the world.

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Staying in character, the streamer tries to talk to other player using the game’s proximity chat, which allows players to talk to one another if they’re close enough.

Without a word in reply, the other player hops on their horse and lassos dasMEHDI before dragging him along behind.

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It was probably the last thing dasMEHDI expected would happen during his first encounter, but there’s no way he’ll forget it anytime soon.

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The Red Dead Online Beta went live on November 27, and based on this clip it looks like things will get very interesting.