Here are the fastest ways to make money in Read Dead Redemption 2

. 4 years ago
Rockstar Games

Money talks in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and players will need a steady stream to keep their gear upgraded, buy supplies and upgrade camp.

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The open world of Red Dead Redemption 2 can be quite confusing and tough if you’re a bit short on cash. 

While it’s possible to rob everyone in sight to make tons of money, that could lead to mounting bounties that will eventually become quite the headache. 

For players who want to come across money in a legal manner, here are a few of the best ways to rack up money in no time. 


There are plenty of opportunities for enterprising card sharks and gamblers to grab some coin in one of the many minigames, such as poker or dominoes, spread throughout the map. Players can practice in camp before facing off for real money, too.


Whether you dream of becoming the next big used-horse salesman or you find a plethora of valuable items such as pocket watches, shops are more than willing to pay for these items as well as legendary animal pelts and any fish you catch.

Doing side quests while you collect these resources can fetch a little extra cash as well. 

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Rockstar Games


What would the Old West be without a little bounty hunting? Wanted posters can be found hanging at the sheriff’s office and will automatically update a player’s map with where they can go to find the individual on the poster.

Some bounties don’t care whether the target is brought back dead or alive, but some will have to be captured and brought back alive to receive payment. Bounties do provide an average of $25 each, so they’re worth a little extra trouble.

Gold Bars

This wouldn’t be a list on how to make money in the Old West without mentioning gold bars. They can usually be found at the end of a treasure map or by completing some quest lines.

Each gold bar is worth $500, plenty of cash to quickly upgrade your camp and outfit yourself with the latest Wild West tech.

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