What happened to Imogen Ewan from Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

Je'Kayla Crawford
Imogen from Too Hot To Handle

Imogen Ewan was one of the stars of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season 4 back in 2022. But what is she up to now?

As Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle is gearing up for its release, its time to take a trip down memory lane. The previous season, Season 4, was full of rising stars.

One of which was none other than Imogen Ewan. A bombshell on the season, she definitely turned the heads of both the men and the show’s viewers.

During her season, she got close to contestant Creed McKinnon. But, they ultimately decided to not continue their relationship together.

So, what has she been up to now? Is she currently in a relationship? Is she on social media? Here is everything we know.

What happened to Imogen from Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

Imogen has become one of the first people from the series to have a child. She gave birth to her daughter back in April of 2023. Her first name is Lottie.

Fans who knew her from the show were very shocked to learn that she was even pregnant. And, it does not seem as though Creed is the father.

It was reported that the father of her baby is a man named Tremaine Fernandez. There isn’t a lot of public information about him, besides his private Instagram account. She hasn’t confirmed nor denied this claim.

Aside from her new bundle of joy, Imogen is a successful influencer. She has over 2 million likes on TikTok and nearly half a million followers on Instagram. She constantly keeps her fans updated on her life on social media.

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