Vanderpump Rules’ Rachel Leviss gives dog back to ex James Kennedy

Molly Byrne
James Kennedy gets dog back after Rachel Leviss gives him up to a shelter.

After breaking their engagement off at the Season 9 reunion, Vanderpump Rules’ Rachel Leviss and James Kennedy have finally come to an agreement on who will care for their dog Graham. 

Well, if it’s not about the pasta, it’s about the dog! 

After recently leaving a mental health facility where she was staying for over two months, Rachel Leviss, formally known as Raquel, has decided to relinquish her dog Graham to Jame Kennedy, her ex-fiancée.

Following their breakup, Kennedy already moved on and is now dating Ally Lewber. The two began their relationship in January of 2022, which was fairly close to his breakup with Leviss.

Vanderpump Rules' James Kennedy and his dog Graham.
Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy and his dog Graham.

Leviss drops dog Graham off at shelter 

To any dog owner, it would come as no surprise that neither Leviss nor Kennedy wanted to give up their dog Graham after they broke off their engagement in December of 2021.

The two shared Graham during their four-year relationship and bought him while they were exclusive with each other.

However, after a slew of rage texts sent from Kennedy to Leviss in Season 8 calling her a slew of offensive insults, Leviss put Kennedy in the dog house and seemingly never let him out. 

Now that Leviss is free from the mental health facility she was residing in since the Scandoval was revealed, she has finally decided to give Graham back to Kennedy indefinitely. This comes after Leviss’ decision to put him in a dog shelter due to a mild biting issue.

When news broke to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation about Graham, they instantly sought out Kennedy and reunited Graham with him for the remainder of his dog days, as Kennedy officially adopted him. 

After their reunion, Kennedy took to Instagram to share his gratitude, captioning a variety of photos of him and Graham: “Look who made his way back home, back into my life, I’ll take care of you forever and I love you.”

Fans were quick to respond with support for Kennedy, saying, “The rightful outcome to this custody battle.” While another noted, “Even the damn dog didn’t wanna be around Rachel anymore.”

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules has yet to release a premiere date. Fans, however, are in for a little bit of a mess, as previous cast mates like Tom Sandovall, Sheana Shay, Lala Kent, and more, are due to make a return to the popular BravoTV show.