Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling announces reality TV retirement after The Traitors loss

Je'Kayla Crawford
dan gheesling

After competing in Big Brother twice and starring in The Traitors US Season 2, Dan Gheesling is done with TV shows.

One of the many cast members of The Traitors US Season 2 is none other than Dan Gheesling.

You might remember him as the winner of Big Brother Season 10, or as the second-place winner of BB Season 14.

Either way, he has shown time and time again that he knows how to compete and be strategic. However, The Traitors was a completely different ballpark than Big Brother.

With a house full of fellow reality TV stars, almost everyone has the same amount of competition show experience as Dan, if not more.

Fans predicted that because he tried to use the subtle tactics that he was known for in Big Brother and apply them to The Traitors he was going to lose, and they weren’t wrong.

Now that he has been eliminated from the competition, the reality TV star is thinking of leaving the TV world for good.

Dan from The Traitors

Dan Gheesling from The Traitors is leaving reality TV

On February 2, Dan spoke with PEOPLE and while he seemed to be grateful for his run on the show, he revealed that The Traitors US is going to be his last appearance in competition shows.

“You haven’t seen me in 10 years, and I think this is it for me. But it was one heck of a way to go out — just such a positive, fun and wild experience that I’ll never forget,” he told the outlet.

Maybe one day Dan will change his mind, but for now, his days in reality TV are over.

As for Season 2 of The Traitors US, there are still over ten contestants inside the house, and anyone’s game to win.