Temptation Island: Which couples are still together after the season 5 reunion?

Simone Torn

Find out which of the pairs from Temptation Island season 5 are still together following the messy reunion special.

Season 5 of Temptation Island brought all the messy drama fans could hope for from the hit reality dating series.

Four couples came to the island to test out the strength of their loyalty to one another. But have any of them managed to stay together? The same burning question applies to the newly-formed couples that met on the island. Have any of them remained intact since the reunion?

Season 5 Temptation Island couples that are still together

The reunion special for season 5 of Temptation Island was filled with twists and turns. Shocking revelations were revealed, including devastating information about Chris and Alexius’s falling out, where Alexius felt completely left in the dark by Chris after a time of need.

Fans also learned that, despite leaving the island together as a couple, Vanessa and Roberto are no longer together.

Things for Paris and Tahjic went south immediately after leaving the island paired up, and fans learned at the reunion that Tahjic had ghosted Paris right after the show ended. Great and Nafeesa had a similar falling out, where the pair just couldn’t make it work in the real world.

While Kaitlin has nothing but love for Sebby and Michael, she has made the choice to leave the island single. The same goes for Marisela, who is soaking in her freedom after a tumultuous relationship with Chris.

As it stands, Hall and Makayla are the only pair from season 5 that have remained a couple. During the reunion, Hall asked Makayla to move in with him. According to their Instagram pages, the two are still together.

While some fans are glad they have been able to make it work, the majority of Temptation Island viewers have a lot to say about Hall and Makayla as a couple.

“I mean COME ON MAKAYLA!” one fan wrote on the Temptation Island Subreddit. “I want her to wake up! Hall is a manipulator and when he realized he could get Makayla he chose her bc she’s fresh meat. Kaitlyn is too seasoned with his tactics at this point. Again, Mother Earth has blessed Kaitlyn tremendously.”

Another agreed, writing,  “Imagine being Makayla and willingly being with a full-blown liar that clearly lacks any sort of empathy for people he hurts. Embarrassing.”

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