Temptation Island fans think karma is out to get Hall for his treatment of Kaitlin

Simone Torn
Hall and Kaitlin posing for Instagram and Makayla posing for Instagram

Fans of the dating series Temptation Island think Hall will get what he deserves after disrespecting his fiance Kaitlin.

Season 5 of Temptation Island has presented audiences with some of the most tumultuous couples to date.

From Vanessa and Roberto to Paris and Great, fans of the show have openly expressed that they don’t wish to see any of these pairs leaving the island together. 

Yet the couple that has arguably caused the biggest stir within the fandom is Hall and Kaitlin. The engaged duo have been together for eight years, sans the one year that Hall ended things with Kaitlin to “date other women.” 

Fans think Makayla will ditch Hall once Temptation Island ends

Following their year apart, Hall repaired his relationship with Kaitlin by getting down on one knee. Despite proposing to his long-term girlfriend and staying with her for nearly a decade, Hall admitted on the most recent episode of Temptation Island that he never thought she was “the one.” This admission drew the ire of fans.

Hall expresses on the dating series that this is mainly due to the fact that Kaitlin doesn’t want to have children anytime soon, while his dream is to start a family as soon as possible.

That’s where Makayla comes into the mix. The 24-year-old single in the villa instantly caught Hall’s attention, and not just because of her good looks. According to Hall, the reason he is so into Makayla is because of her desire to start a family. 

Viewers think there will be a healthy dose of karma for Hall, though, because they believe the moment the cameras stop rolling, Makayla will dump him. 

“I am so ready for Makayla to reject him if he tries to leave the island with her,” one Reddit user wrote on the Temptation Island thread. “I truly cannot believe he thinks that she is gonna have his babies.”

“That 23-year-old will want nothing to do with him after the show,” another chimed in on the show’s official Instagram. “He’s delusional…”

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