Temptation Island: Fans shocked only one couple might stick together

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Fans of Temptation Island don’t know if any of the couples will be able to maintain their relationships, with the exception of Roberto and Vanessa.

On season 5 of Temptation Island, the contestants have been more than willing to give up their long-term relationships for the singles in their respective villas. 

Each pair has entered the reality series with the hopes of gaining newfound strength and trust within their relationships. Yet it appears as though the opposite result has transpired, and instead of Temptation Island strengthening each couple’s bond, it seems to be tearing them apart instead. 

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Now, it seems as though Roberto and Vanessa might be the only couple to leave the island intact. 

Will any of the couples stick together on Temptation Island?

Despite the majority of the Temptation Island couples being together for multiple years, many of the contestants seem more than willing to give up their long-term relationships so they can have some fun inside the villa. 

Hall even went so far as to officially break off his engagement to Kaitlin. 

Meanwhile, Chris firmly stated during the bonfire that he and Marisela were “done.”

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Simultaneously, Great and Paris don’t seem to be all that preoccupied with making their relationship last either.

And although Vanessa and Roberto aren’t exactly dying to reunite as a couple, Roberto has been one of the only contestants so far to consider making it work with his partner. 

Dedicated viewers of the series have expressed their predictions about each couple’s fate. “I would not be shocked if they all split up,” one fan wrote on the Temptation Island Reddit thread. “In fact, that’s probably best for them all.”

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Another fan agreed, writing, “The show usually casts at least ONE couple that will make it, and I feel like they are forcing Great/Paris and Rob/Vanessa to at least pretend to want to stay together so they can have one couple stay together at the end.”

A different viewer expressed their faith in one couple, though, writing, “Definitely feel like Vanessa/Rob will leave together now.”

Keep watching Temptation Island to see if any of the couples can make it last.

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