Temptation Island: Where is Ashley Howland now?

Meera Jacka
Temptation Island Where is Ashley Howland now

Ashley Howland’s time on Temptation Island included cheating accusations, a love triangle, and a rejected proposal. Almost four years later, fans are wondering where she is now.

Temptation Island sets out to test whether long-term couples can overcome their issues and choose one another forever. Having had a revamp in 2019, the show’s couples haven’t had the best track record of leaving their time on Reality TV together.

Season 2 saw Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak enter the experience after dating for a year and a half. The two were facing a mountain of trust issues, which they hoped to overcome during their time on the show.

However, things did not bode well for the couple with Casey’s proposal ultimately being rejected and Ashley walking out with Ben Knobloch instead. But where is Ashley these days?

Ashley and Casey
Ashley and Casey did not survive their time on Temptation Island

Ashley and Casey’s relationship on Temptation Island went downhill quickly, with the latter openly flirting with the single women around him. When Casey mentioned he would be fine if the couple split, Ashley took it as confirmation that there was nothing worth salvaging.

However, Casey ended up surprising Ashley and viewers alike by proposing at the last bonfire. But by this point, Ashley had seen enough and had moved on to starting a relationship with Ben.

The new couple left the show together but broke up a few days later, as revealed during the reunion.

Temptation Island Ben
Ben broke up with Ashley and accused her of hooking up with Casey after the two had officially broken up

Speaking to Bustle about her experience on the show, Ashley said, “We’re in a bubble. Those are the people that you hang out with … and people get their little crushes.”

Ashley ended up moving back to Florida, which she shared with her followers via Instagram. Despite gathering a large following online and starting a YouTube channel, Ashley has since seemingly removed her social media.

All that can be found now of her online presence is a Twitter account, which she hasn’t posted on since March 2021. It remains a mystery as to what Ashley is up to these days and whether she was able to find the one.

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