Temptation Island’s Kaitlin slams ‘selfish’ Hall for ending their engagement

Simone Torn

Kaitlin and Hall have officially called off their engagement on Temptation Island, while Hall and ‘soulmate’ Makayla get closer.

Hall and Kaitlin were Temptation Island’s first-ever engaged couple to enter the villa. After eight years of being in a relationship, the pair have officially decided to end their romance on national television. 

Hall has revealed several times on the dating series that he never believed Kaitlin was “the one” for him. Despite his lack of faith in their future together, he proceeded to propose to Kaitlin several years into their courtship.

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The couple has been engaged for about a year before entering the villa, yet as of Wednesday night’s episode, they are officially done. 

Kaitlin and Hall call off their engagement in season 5 of Temptation Island

Although Kaitlin was interested in making their relationship work, it didn’t take Hall very long to develop feelings for the first single that caught his fancy, aka 24-year-old Makayla. In fact, Hall and Makayla have even labeled each other as “soulmates,” despite only knowing each other for a handful of days. 

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And while Kaitlin has also been open enough to get to know the male singles in her villa, she certainly isn’t labeling any of her suitors as “soulmates” any time soon.  Now, Kaitlin is struggling to cope with the aftermath of their split.

During an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, she opened up about how “selfish” her ex-fiance can be.

“I think he can be selfish, and he goes about it in a way of what he wants and what he feels,” she told the outlet.  “So some of what he’s saying I was just like, ‘I didn’t know you felt this way. How do you say this, especially on national television? You don’t even tell me?’ So a lot of things that he said definitely were not easy to hear.”

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Stay tuned for new episodes of Temptation Island to see what comes of Kaitlin and Hall’s tumultuous split.