Temptation Island fans have a big complaint about Season 5 couples and it’s “ruining” show

Simone Torn
Temptation Island's Marisela and Chris on the beach looking into each other's eyes

Fans of Temptation Island have a major complaint about the couples cast in season 5, calling it the worst season yet.

Temptation Island is one of the most high-stakes reality shows on TV. Couples who have been committed to each other for years put their relationships to the test by surrounding themselves with beautiful singles in separate villas.

Yet fans of the hit reality series have one massive critique about season 5 of Temptation Island, specifically concerning the couples that have been selected this time around.

In fact, dedicated viewers of the USA Network series are so put off by this one aspect that they believe it ruins the show altogether. 

Will any of the Temptation Island couples last? 

This season of the reality dating series has a host of fascinating personalities to keep viewers entertained. But according to fans, the couples themselves are ruining the show because none of the pairs that have come to the island together seem to have any desire to last.

This ends up removing the stakes since the point of the show is for couples to try and see if they can resist temptation in an effort to prove their commitment to one another. 

“In my opinion this is the least interesting or likable cast they’ve ever had,” one Reddit user wrote on the Temptation Island USA mega-thread. “No one seems invested in their relationship. It’s a sh*tshow and not in a good way.”

Another user agreed, saying, “This is it. In previous seasons, I’m always rooting for at least one couple to make it through.”

“I agree with this,” another user chimed in. “I don’t feel like the cast has much emotional bandwidth this season.” 

Furthermore, some eagle-eyed fans of the dating show are questioning the validity of the couples themselves. Many believe that one couple, in particular, is faking their relationship just to be on TV.

“I don’t think Paris and Great are actually together,” one user suggested. “I think it’s all for the cameras so I don’t really take anything they do seriously.”

Another user agreed, saying that they’re “just there for the cameras.”

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