Temptation Island fans are thrilled that Marisela is finally ‘free’ from Christopher

Simone Torn
Christopher and Marisela from Temptation Island

Temptation Island fans are rejoicing now that Marisela is finally done with Christopher and has moved on with another man.

Temptation Island fans are thrilled that Season 5 contestant Marisela is finally free from Christopher. The pair entered the competition after being together for two years in an effort to test out just how committed they really were to one another. 

Since the very beginning of Season 5, audiences have shaken their heads at the idea of Marisela staying with Christopher, insisting that she is “too good for him.” Much of this has to do with how controlling he appears to be with Marisela, which became evident since day 1 of the dating series. 

Temptation Island fans were furious with Christopher for ‘outing’ Marisela

Fans were especially put off by Christopher when he “outed” his girlfriend to the entire cast by telling them that Marisela is bisexual. Marisela voiced that she hadn’t even come out to her family yet, so it was especially painful for him to be saying that on live television.

Since that incident, which left Marisela in tears, fans of the show have been campaigning to #freemarisela. 

As the contestants split up into separate villas, Marisela has found herself cozying up to one of the show’s singles. The two ended up sleeping together, and Christopher found out about it at the bonfire.

Following the affair, Christopher insisted that he and Marisela are “done.” 

Furthermore, when Marisela learned at the bonfire that Christopher was getting close to another woman at his side of the villa, she didn’t shed a single tear for him. In fact, Marisela seemed thrilled at the idea of being free from Christopher. 

Fans are elated that the 24-year-old contestant has moved on, taking to social media to express their joy. 

“Marisela is THAT girl and he knows it,” one fan wrote on Reddit about Christopher. “That’s why he tries to dim her light, but babeeeey she is finding it again and HE HATES to see it.”

“Marisela is freeeeee,” another user rejoiced.

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