Jersey Shore’s Mike the Situation explains why he welcomed Ronnie back into the Shore family

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The Jersey Shore castInstagram: jerseyshore

For the first time since Jersey Shore’s Season 1 premiere in 2009, the entire cast will be reunited for MTV’s Season 6B of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Although Jersey Shore has exemplified the essence of a true familial bond, there have been tumultuous situations and relationships between the cast mates during their 14 years of knowing each other.

First, Angelina abrasively left the Shore House, and then Sammi and Ronnie began to spiral in just about every episode. Not to mention Mike the Situation, who battled and conquered addiction throughout multiple seasons.

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Now, for the first time since Season 1 of Jersey Shore in 2009, all nine original cast mates will be reunited for the second part of Season 6’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Ronnie, Mike, Pauly D, and Vinny of Jersey ShoreInstagram: jerseyshore
Ronnie, Mike, Pauly D, and Vinny of Jersey Shore

Mike the Situation explains how Ronnie earned his way back into the Jersey Shore family 

Having aired from 2009 to 2012, Jersey Shore gained quite a fan base. So much so, that the cast members were given a variety of spin-off series like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Snooki & Jwoww.

Though most of the original cast mates were welcomed to six Seasons of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, there were three people who were left out for various reasons — Angelina, Sammi, and Ronnie.

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However, the upcoming second part of Season 6 JSFV will feature all nine of the Shore members; Mike the Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, Snookie, Jwoww, Deena, Sammi Sweetheart, Angelina, and Ronnie. 

Though Ronnie had faced years of struggling before being welcomed back to the Shore family, Mike the Situation explained his decision to allow the meat head back into the picture, saying, “For many years, Ronnie was concentrating on his mental health. And I think that is a very sensitive topic and not everyone knows how to deal with that topic.”

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Mike continued to open up about his reasoning, saying, “I had, for many months, always had check-ins with Ron already… and as he continued to do the right thing, we saw Ron more and that’s why you see him on the Season this year because he, you know, continued to do the right thing.”

Ronnie has made his return to the Jersey Shore for upcoming series.Instagram: realronniemagro
Ronnie has made his return to the Jersey Shore for the upcoming series.

Ronnie, who faced a domestic violence charge in 2021, also battled with mental health, so his exit from the show was necessary to regain stability.

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Mike continued to commend Ronnie for his transformation, excitedly saying to Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, “Now he’s back and we get to also see his story.”

There hasn’t been a release date for the upcoming Season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 6 part two. However, the Shore-mates were seen filming for the show as early as April this year at various restaurants, in Atlantic City, as well as Pennsylvania.

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