Snooki slams body-shaming commenters in viral TikTok clip

Molly Byrne
Snooki addressed body-shamers in viral TikTok video.

The party’s here! Jersey Shore’s Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, has stepped onto TikTok to address body-shamers for their rude comments.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki first gained her fan base as the mini meatball, pickle-loving party girl. 

She was an original cast mate of Jersey Shore and stayed on the show for six Seasons. Snooki was also part of multiple spin-off series including Jersey Shore Family Vacation and Snooki & Jwoww, which is coming back to MTV this summer for a fifth Season. 

Though Snooki has stood up to juice heads for the better part of her life, she is now having to defend herself and others against online body-shamers. To put an end to the hate comments, Snooki has finally taken to TikTok to address the antagonism. 

“I have struggled with my weight my entire life,” Snooki says

For the most part, Snooki’s 3.3 million TikTok followers have shown their support for her amid her three-minute viral video where she explained to viewers her relationship with her weight.

Snooki began the video by acknowledging that everyone, not just her, struggles with their weight, saying, “I know it’s an issue for a lot of people.” Continuing, “I have struggled with my weight my entire life.” 

She then went on to explain how she never had the proper nutrition to energize her body while in high school, resulting in a sort of habitual pattern where nothing was changing for her body-wise. 

Though her size fluctuated, Snooki said she stayed fairly assured of herself, saying, “I feel like I was always confident in my skin no matter what size I was.”

Snooki further explained why body-shaming is not okay and how some people have even gone as far as comparing others to a pig, stating, “Who are you to call people pigs, and fat, and disgusting?”

She continued to take a stand for her fans and people who have been body-shamed, saying, “Don’t comment it on the internet.” Instead, she advised people to keep it to themselves or to call their friends in private to discuss whatever hatred is on their minds.

Those that saw Snooki’s stance on weight commented on her video with support, saying, “The most realest message ever!” And, “Girl, amen. You are an inspiration to so many. THANK YOU for genuinely being yourself and encouraging self-love.”

Snooki ended her TikTok video stating her opinion on people’s weight in hopes that others will feel the same, saying, “It doesn’t matter… as long as you’re a good person.”

Though she didn’t get too candid about what people have called her over the years, one thing is for sure, Snooki stands for body positivity and is proud of it!