Is the Love Island narration scripted? Iain Stirling Explains 

Simone Torn
Love Island narrator Iain Stirling posing for Instagram with Love Island back drop

Love Island’s narrator Iain Stirling addresses whether his lines are scripted or improvised for the reality dating series.

Love Island has returned for its 5th season on Peacock. Fans of the show unanimously agree that the series wouldn’t be the same without Iain Stirling’s narration.

As the narrator for both the UK version and the US version of the reality dating series, Iain offers comedic gold with his witty quips and relatable insights. His job, essentially, is to voice what audiences across the globe are secretly thinking. 

As a veteran of the reality show, Iain has been narrating since the series premiered in the UK back in 2015. Clearly, the writer-comedian was born for the role. But what many viewers want to know is whether or not his hilarious remarks are scripted or improvised. 

Is Iain Stirling’s narration on Love Island scripted or improvised?

The beloved narrator revealed in a recent interview with USA Insider that his lines are scripted. He explains to the outlet that he writes memorable one-liners with his co-writer, Mark Busk-Cowly.

But because of the unique formatting for the dating series, which airs six nights a week rather than one, there is a speedy turnaround time that only allows them less than an hour to write. 

“It’s an hour, each part, four parts in a show, so from writing it to saying it is like an hour,” he spilled to the outlet. Iain adds that he’ll sometimes throw in jokes for the sole purpose of making his co-writer laugh. “And it is very recently written,” he reveals. “The ink has yet to dry on the page.”

Whether it’s improvised or just Stirling riffing off the cuff, Love Island fans everywhere can’t wait to hear more of his zingers as new islanders enter the villa.

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