Dubai Bling star Ebraheem slams fans for disrespecting his wife

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Dubai Bling Season 2 aired in December 2023, bringing the cast and their families into the public spotlight. But, one of the stars, Ebraheem Al Samadi, has lashed out at fans for being disrespectful towards his wife.

Dubai Bling star Ebraheem called out people making assumptions about his sexuality, and disrespecting his relationship with his wife.

After the airing of Season 2 on Netflix, the reality star was targeted with rumors. Many viewers took to various social media to make comments about Ebraheem’s sexual orientation. This happened even when the businessman expressed several times that he has a happy marriage with his wife.

Ebraheem requests public to leave his wife alone

Ebraheem, being a public figure, is used to being targeted with rumors and speculation online.

The rumors and jokes regarding his sexual orientation started with the airing of Dubai Bling, however,this time, the star chose to speak out on the situation.

Ebraheem addressed the rumors in a livestream and expressed that he respected the LGBTQ+ community but did not feel good about the false assumptions.

He said, “I respect them for who they are, but the moment that they are going to be pushing their agenda on me, that’s the time, they’ve crossed the line.”

He pointed out that the rumors made no sense because if he was gay, he would’ve had no reason to hide his sexual orientation as he holds American citizenship. He further expressed that he chose to marry someone he loved and it was not just to satisfy his religious family.

Previously, when fans asked Ebraheem to reveal his wife’s identity on Instagram, the reality star asked his followers to respect his wife and her right to privacy.

The two seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix. To stay updated on Dubai Bling and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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