Dubai Bling’s Hasnain Lehri gives update on relationship with Loujain Adada

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Hasnain Lehri and Loujain Adada Dubai Bling

The Dubai Bling couple cleared off the rumors and revealed that they are indeed engaged. Here is how fans found out that Loujain Adada said yes to Hasnain Lehri’s proposal.

Dubai Bling premiered in October 2022 as a Netflix original reality show and Season 2 aired December 2023. The show, which could be a direct competitor of Bravo’s Real Housewives, centers on the lives of LA’s wealthiest Asian Americans and their lifestyle. Each episode gave us lavish parties, fun romances, and high-end Middle Eastern fashion.

Loujain “LJ” Adada joined the show during Season 1 where her career growth along with her love life was put under a spotlight. She was set up to go on blind dates with co-star Ebraheem Al Samadi, however, that didn’t work out for her.

During Season 2 Loujain and her co-star Hasnain Lehri had a passionate on-screen romance that ended with a wholesome proposal. The Season ended on a cliffhanger right before Loujain could reply to the proposal.

Dubai Bling Hasnain confirmed engagement with Loujain

Hasnain Lehri and Loujain Adada Dubai Bling comment
Hasnain Lehri comment on Loujain Adada’s post

The Season 2 finale left the Dubai Bling fans in utter curiosity which made them investigate the engagement’s status on their own. They checked the reality stars’ Instagram to find them not wearing any rings and noticed that the Pakistani model deleted photos of them together from his timeline.

Just as the fans were losing hope in positive news on the engagement, Hasnain himself confirmed their relationship in a low-key way. He replied to a hate comment under an Instagram post that Loujain made on 20 January.

He defended her and said, “Your negativity won’t dim my fiancee’s light. We are here for love and positivity, not your body-shamming comments. Keep it moving with that negativity; it’s not welcome here.”

Dubai Bling is a Netflix original reality series and both its seasons are available to stream on the platform.

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