Dubai Bling Season 2: Meet the cast

Areesha Khan
The cast of Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling recently came back with Season 2 which included a new lineup. From fan-favorite Safa Siddiqui to new faces such as Mona Kattan, here’s everything you need to know about the cast.

The new Netflix reality TV show, Dubai Bling Season 2 first aired on December 13, and it centered on the lifestyle of high society in Dubai and other LA’s wealthiest Asian-Americans.

The show’s concept is similar to Bravo’s Real Housewives, however, the show brings a touch of Middle Eastern fashion and culture with it. Due to the explosive popularity bloom of this season, Dubai Bling Season 3 was already announced to be on its way.

The trailer of the reality show promised glamorous parties, a surprise wedding proposal, a look into the Middle Eastern lifestyle, and loads of private jet flying. Here is a full list of the cast members that feature in it.

Who is joining Dubai Bling this season?

The cast includes model and former TV presenter Loujain Adada and TV host Lojain Omran, as well as radio host Kris Fade. and Zeina Khoury, CEO of Highmark Real Estate. Joining these is fashion queen Safa Siddiqui alongside two new faces – Mona Kattan and Hasnain Lehri.

Loujain Adada

Loujain “LJ” Adada is a Californian-born Lebanese model who started her career at a very young age. Apart from her model career, she has also been a TV host for several years. LJ was married to the billionaire Walid Juffali.

Kris Fade

Another returning face will be Kris Fade, the founder of Fade Fit, father of two, and according to his Instagram bio a man ‘married to a Queen’. Kris Fade is also a successful radio show host and brand ambassador.

Zeina Khoury

Another successful businesswoman returning to Dubai Bling will be Zeina Khoury. Zeina is a founder of the clothing brand ‘I Am The Company’. She is also a TV show host and fashion ambassador to various clothing brands. Zeina will be on the show serving looks while also being a mom of two.

Safa Siddiqui and Fahad Siddiqui

We have the fashion queen, Safa Siddiqui, making a comeback on the show. Fans can anticipate new fun looks from the 33-year-old fashion designer. She will be joined by her husband and the managing director of Siddiqui Group of Companies, Fahad Siddiqui.

DJ Bliss

DJ Marwan Al-Awadhi, more famously known as DJ Bliss, will be among the returning faces on Dubai Bling Season 2. With 1M followers on his Instagram, the musician is a highly in-demand DJ and host in the nightlife scene in the Middle East.

Farhana Bodi

Farhana Bodi, the social media influencer and founder of ‘I Am Woman Of The World’ empire, is back on Season 2 of Dubai Bling.

Lojain Omran

Lojain, who is a TV personality, Bulgari ambassador, and social media influencer, is titled by fans as ‘Saudi Arabia’s most desired influencer’. The 46-year-old reality star also spends time advocating for humanitarian causes.

Ebraheem Al Samadi

The young entrepreneur is joining Dubai Bling Season 2. Ebraheen is the CEO of three companies which include Forever Rose, Forever Rose Cafe, and the perfume company Forever Oud.

Mona Kattan

The most anticipated personality this season was of the Huda beauty co-founder Mona Kattan. The CEO of Kayali Perfumes will be joining the show to share what goes on behind closed doors of these beauty empire sisters, Mona and Alya Kattan.

Hasnain Lehri

Hasnain is a top model in the Pakistani fashion industry who modeled for brands such as Nomi Ansari, Sapphire, and Faraz Manan. The reality star was voted as one of the 100 Sexiest Asian Men by Eastern Eye. Hasnain also had a relationship with model and co-star LJ.

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