Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen from The Traitors US to start YouTube channel 

Molly Byrne

Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen opened up with Dexerto in an exclusive interview about what’s next for him after being ‘murdered’ on The Traitors US Season 2.

Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen has come a long way since his management days at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota. 

Having begun his reality TV run on Love Island Season 5, Bergie quickly gained a large enough following to catapult him onto Peacock’s hit-thriller The Traitors US Season 2.

During his stint on The Traitors, he successfully navigated through the deception until Episode 8 when he was ‘murdered’ by the Traitors for being a strong ally of the Faithfuls.

Though he’s home in Minnesota now, Bergie opened up with us at Dexerto about his upcoming plans and what reality TV shows he’d like to go on next.

bergie the traitors
Bergie and Phaedra Parks on The Traitors US Season 2.

Bergie to begin online personal training for fans soon

When asked about what’s next for his career, Bergie excitedly explained his plans to begin a YouTube channel “soon.”

Though details about what type of content he’ll be sharing on YouTube were sparse, Bergie did say he’ll definitely be “doing online personal training” here ” in the future, and he’s currently “working on some certifications to make sure I’m clear to do it.”

Bergie then said he may return to physical therapy school, depending on where this reality TV phase takes him. However, if he continues to be invited to participate in more reality TV shows, Bergie said he “would love to take up that opportunity.”

bergie the traitors
Bergie and The Traitors US Season 2 contestants.

He continued, “But if I’m not, I want to go back to school and just go back to how I was going to originally do my life. But now it’s like, how am I going to do my life — is the question.”

Though he’s “just trying to figure out what’s the best path” for himself, Bergie was firm on wanting to keep his toes in the reality TV world. He even mentioned being featured on the Real Housewives franchise after participating on The Traitors US with plenty of Bravolebrities. 

As for where to find him sooner than later, fans can expect his YouTube channel very soon. But we can’t promise that his teddy bear from The Traitors will be his co-host, as Bergie said he sadly had to give his stuffed animal back to The Traitors US production before exiting the show.

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