The Traitors fans think production wants Pete Weber gone for good

Molly Byrne
peter weber on the traitors

The Traitors US fans think production is conspiring to get rid of The Bachelor’s Pete Weber.

Season 2 of The Traitors has been nothing short of twists and turns, as Faithfuls and Traitors attempt to take control of the game.

However, there’s one person, The Bachelor’s Pete Weber, who continues to plot against the Traitors quite successfully, causing the game to shift each episode.

And after Weber turned the tables by declining to become a Traitor, fans think that production has begun conspiring to get rid of him.

The Traitors fans think Pete Weber is being targeted after figuring out two Traitors 

In Episode 7 of The Traitors Season 2, Weber was recruited by Pavarti Shallow and Phaedra Parks to become a Traitor.

Saying that he wouldn’t be able to look into the eyes of his close competitors had he become a Traitor, Weber declined the offer.

Weber was then prey to be murdered that night, but Alan Cumming had another plan in mind. For the first time, players were able to save each other from being murdered in the middle of the night. There was also no round table or banishment.

the traitors

As more than half of the competitors were saved, including Weber, a handful were left for the Traitors to choose from.

Being that Weber was saved, he wasn’t eligible to be murdered by his nemesis Shallow. However, fans seem to think that all the shake-ups on the show have been to get rid of Weber.

Fans even began a Reddit to discuss the patterns, “Pretty sure that the production was in a panic that Peter and Co. [the faithfuls] were simply going to annihilate all of the traitors.”

The fan continued, “Production wanted Peter out and served him up for murder, only to be foiled by John.  At a minimum, they weaken the faithful by allowing the traitors to murder one of Peter’s core group.”

Another fan added their opinion, saying that production didn’t include banishment in Episode 7 because Weber and the Faithfuls were about to banish two Traitors in a row. 

Though Weber has been successful in figuring out two out of three Traitors, can he survive not only them but also production? To find out, fans can tune into Peacock at 9:00 PM EST every Thursday. 

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