What happened to Lexi on Below Deck Mediterranean? Why Captain Sandy fired her

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Lexi Wilson’s run as part of the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast was as dramatic as anybody who has featured on Bravo TV’s hit show before. Here, we take a look at what happened to Lexi on the show and beyond.

Below Deck Med viewers will be treated to a new season in 2023, but those catching up and binging the hit Bravo TV show will have seen some drama in the sixth season, featuring Lexi.

Lexi Wilson, a former stewardess on Captain Sandy’s crew, was seen getting physical with crewmates and shouting obscenities at them during different parts of the charter season. Eventually, it came to a head and she was asked to leave the boat.

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Here, we’re going to run through everything that happened with some of the most dramatic recap clips the series has ever seen.

What happened to Lexi from Below Deck Med?

Lexi Wilson was fired in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, after a series of confrontations with the season’s chef.

lexi below deck medBravo
Lexi was one of the most dramatic characters Below Deck Med has ever seen.

Why did Captain Sandy fire Lexi? Below Deck sacking explained

After Lexi previously threatened to quit over a feud with chef Mathew Shea, Captain Sandy Yawn eventually stepped in to fire her in Season 6 over “disturbing” behavior.

At the reunion, Sandy said the following after rewatching the show: “[It was] disturbing. I wish that the crew would have painted the picture for me. Just hearing it’s bad isn’t a description of behavior… In a position I am in, I need details.” Once she was given details, she made the decision to let her go.

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Lexi was involved in an ongoing feud with the chef throughout the charter season, giving him orders about how to plate food – which really ticked him off.

Later, at dinner, Mathew stated that the crew didn’t like having Lexi on the team, sparking a confrontation between the two. During that meal, she said: “If this wasn’t on camera, I would smack your ass.”

She also yelled that his parents should have aborted him.

Watch a recap below from Hayu, where chef Mathew kicks Lexi out of the kitchen.

The chef had left the yacht one morning, much to Sandy’s surprise. At the time, the captain had heard vague information about the two having a bust-up but nothing concrete.

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After a chain of conflict between him and Lexi, her superior – chief stewardess Katie Flood – wanted to step in with some firm feedback. However, Lexi decided to take a phone call during the conversation – saying she was calling her Mom and ready to quit.

“This is becoming a… Do you want to be here?” Katie said, but Lexi took a phone call and replied: “I don’t care… Mom I can’t deal with this.”

You can watch a recap from Bravo below, showing when it reached breaking point for Lexi.

Since the show, Katie has said Lexi was far worse off-camera and Malia stated if anything, her on-screen time was nicely edited.

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Did Lexi go to Below Deck reunion?

After her firing from Below Deck Med, Lexi decided not to attend the show’s reunion episode.

The reunion was highly anticipated, as a chance for her to respond after watching the episodes back, but it never came to fruition.

Does Lexi from Below Deck have Instagram?

During the show, Lexi was active on Instagram and would post about her journey on board – however, she doesn’t have a public account anymore.

Her Instagram username has since been taken by somebody else.

She had removed all mention of Below Deck from her profile and was slapped with a shadow ban in August 2021, posting: “On a 9 days Hiatus because of Shadow-ban.”

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