Big Brother Season 25 cast revealed: Meet the houseguests

Kirsten and Matt from Big BrotherCBS

Season 25 of Big Brother has a dynamic cast of 16 houseguests all fighting for the same prize: $750,000.

Season 25 of Big Brother is steadily approaching. And with Love Island UK at its Season 10 finale already, reality TV fans needed something to stay entertained.

This season will showcase 16 new houseguests entering the Big Brother house and trying to win the competition. There will undoubtedly be many exciting challenges, alliances, and dramatic moments.

Let’s meet the houseguests of Big Brother Season 25 without further ado.

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Big Brother Season 25 cast- Who are the houseguests?

Blue Kim from Big Brother 25

Blue Kim

Micro-influencer Blue might not seem to know much about the competition. But, the content creator might become the underdog of the season.

America Lopez

A medical receptionist currently living in Brooklyn, New York, has her eyes on the prize.

Cameron Hardin

A stay-at-home dad, being away from his family might have a negative effect on Cameron’s gameplay.

Matt Klotz

As the only deaf houseguest in Season 25, Matt Klotz will show the world that people who are hard of hearing can and will do anything they put their minds to.

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Bowie Jane

From Australia, Bowie hopes to bring a win to the land down under.

Felicia Cannon

She’s the oldest in the competition at 63 years old. But don’t count her out. The older, the wiser.

Izzy Gleicher

A professional musician, Izzy knows exactly how to give a compelling performance. Which might come in handy in a competition like this.

Hisam Goueli

A physician living in Seattle, Hisam might end up being a frontrunner for the entire competition. You really never know.

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Kirsten Elwin

Also in the medical field is biologist Kristen. Who knows? Maybe her scientific background will come in handy with certain challenges.

Luke Valentine from Big Brother Season 25

Luke Valentine

As his last name might insinuate, Luke is definitely eye candy. Will his good looks distract the houseguests or just the viewers?

Jag Bains

Being a truck company owner means that he knows how to lead and collaborate with others. Maybe an alliance is in his future?

Mecole Hayes

A political consultant living only a few miles from Washington, D.C., Mecole should be able to spot a trick from another houseguest immediately.

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Jared Fields

Jared was born to excel at a competition show. No, really, he is the daughter of Survivor icon and winner of The Tratiors Season 1, Circie Fields. The second he reveals this information, a target will be on his back.

Cory Wurtenberger

Speaking of Survivor, Cory’s brother Zach Wurtenberger was a contestant on Season 42 of the series. Meaning he has got some big shoes to fill.

Red Utley

From Tennesse, Red is sure to bring some southern hospitality to competition. On the other hand, that might end up being his weakness.

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Reilly Smedley

Last but not least is Reilly. She’s one of the youngest contestants this season at 24 years old, but she might surprise us.

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