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Several castaways have already been voted off or pulled from Survivor 44. Here are all the contestants that have been eliminated so far in the series.

Survivor 44 tests 18 strangers over 26 days as they fight to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize.

Traditionally, castaways are only eliminated by voting, but in a particularly brutal season we have already seen several contestants get injured – and one has needed to be medically evacuated.

Here are all the contestants who have been eliminated from Survivor 44 so far.

Who has been voted off Survivor 44?

Survivor 44 Bruce

Bruce Perreault

Not a vote off, but Bruce was the first contestant to be medically evacuated. On the first day of Survivor, Bruce participated in the first challenge of the season, which required contestants to crawl under and over a wooden structure.

But Bruce gashed his head into a wooden pole, bleeding so much that he eventually lost consciousness. While the medical team was able to stabilize Bruce to the point that he was able to rejoin his tribe, later in the day Bruce began to complain of head pain and was medically evacuated.

Survivor 44 Maddy

Maddy Pomilla

Maddy was a shocking exit in the first episode, as she was voted out at Tribal Council… but in a very unconventional way.

After the Ratu tribe lost their first challenge, Maddy and several others began to target Brandon as he confessed that he had found both a Hidden Immunity Idol and a fake one.

But Brandon played his Hidden Immunity Idol at that very first vote, negating Maddy and her alliance’s votes, making her the first eliminated contestant.

Survivor 44 Helen Li

Helen Li

In the second episode, the Tika tribe seemed to be locked down by a three-person alliance of Helen, Carson, and Sarah, with a numbers advantage over the “older” (they’re in their 30s) tribe mates Carolyn and Yam Yam.

After another devastating loss, Tika was sent to their first tribal where it looked like Carolyn was an easy vote out. However, in a shocking twist it appeared that Carolyn did some maneuvering of her own, bringing over Carson to join her and Yam Yam to vote out Helen 3-2.

Claire Rafson, Survivor 44

Claire Rafson

Claire received a very dubious distinction in Episode 3 of sitting out three consecutive immunity challenges for the Soka tribe. Naturally, once the tribe lost their first immunity and had to go to tribal council, Claire stood out as a target.

While Claire and Josh were vying to split up the “nerdmance” of Matt and Frannie, Claire played her Shot in the Dark to try and nullify her tribemates’ votes. Unfortunately, the shot came up short and Claire was voted out in a 3-0 vote (Josh had lost his vote at the Summit).

Sarah Wade Survivor 44

Sarah Wade

In Episode 4, the Tika tribe got a new member when a swap brought Josh over. The others on Tika seemed to take this as a free vote, as they would all band together to eliminate Josh.

However, Josh had an idol and despite a plan to split the votes between him and Carolyn, Carolyn flipped so that the remaining votes not canceled out by Josh’s idol fell on Sarah. Sarah left, thinking she had a hidden immunity idol in her pocket that could have saved her, but not knowing that it was actually a fake.

Survivor 44 Matthew Grinstead-Mayle

Matthew Grinstead-Mayle

Matt’s exit in Episode 5 was a sad and odd case. He had suffered multiple injuries during the course of the show, most notably a shoulder injury that was clearly causing him distress to the point that he sat out the immunity challenge.

Unfortunately, his tribe lost and was about to go to tribal council, but before that Matt met with one of the Survivor doctors who advised him that he had likely suffered a tear in his shoulder. With all the pain this was causing, the risk for further injury, and the fact that he would be limited for the remainder of the game, Matt made the decision to exit the game, sparing Ratu from tribal.

Survivor Josh Wilder

Josh Wilder

Episode 6 shook up the game by having a pseudo-merge where all castaways combined onto one beach, but they had to survive one more tribal council before they could officially make the merge.

That was bad news for the fractured Tika tribe, who were all at each other’s throats before the tribes come together. The Soka and Ratu tribes are more than happy to spur on the Tika infighting, but Josh ultimately gets targeted and the boot after he’s caught in a lie about one of the hidden immunity idols.

Survivor 44 castaway Matt Blankinship

Matt Blankinship

The two tribes finally merged in Episode 7, but the castaways were divided into two groups for a nice twist in an endurance challenge. The person who lasted the longest in the challenge would win immunity for their group, but the person who lasted the longest in their group would win individual immunity at the tribal council (at which only their group would vote).

Matt and his showmance Frannie were on opposite groups, and Frannie actually had the chance to let Matt’s group win as the last one hanging on (which would have given her individual immunity and sent her group to tribal). However, Frannie hung on and won for her group.

At tribal, Matt was outnumbered by the original Ratu members plus Yam Yam, who he was targeting. Despite his original Soka tribemate Heidi playing a control-a-vote to swing one of Lauren’s votes to Yam Yam, it wasn’t enough and Matt was eliminated in a 3-2 vote.

Survivor 44's Brandon Cottom

Brandon Cottom

Danny and his Soka alliance turned their sites to Lauren as the next target after successfully splitting up Matt, aiming to weaken the original Ratu group. However, when Lauren won immunity the group pivoted to Brandon.

The remaining Ratu and Tika members banded together to target Danny’s ally Frannie, but word got out that Danny would be playing an idol for Frannie, putting Soka’s plan in doubt. At tribal, Danny guessed correctly and played the idol on Frannie, negating seven votes that would have sent her home.

Brandon, who received votes from all of Soka plus Carolyn, was sent home with four votes.

Survivor 44's Kane Fritzler

Kane Fritzler

In Episode 9, Frannie hung on in an endurance immunity to save herself at tribal. It looked like the Tika duo of Yam Yam and Carolyn was going to team up with the Ratus in order to strike back against Soka, but things didn’t quite go to plan.

Tribal was filled with chaos, whispers, and idol swaps as the two Tikas debated which alliance they’d side with. Ultimately, they went with the remnants of Soka to target Kane, who went home with Jaime’s fake idol in his pocket.

Frannie Marin

Frannie Marin

After a chaotic tribal that sent Kane home, Jaime became a target as one of his allies who might have an extra idol in her pocket. Even though she assured the rest of Va Va that Kane went home with said idol, the rest of the Sokas put her head square on the chopping block.

Carson managed to win immunity, which seemed to put Jaime squarely in the crosshairs, but Frannie got a bit of “happy feet”, playing very hard now that she was going to tribal unprotected for the first time. But Danny had other ideas, threatened by Frannie’s challenge prowess.

Though Carolyn protested turning on their own, Danny took the rest of the Soka’s and the two Tikas to blindside Frannie and send her to the jury.

Survivor 44 Danny

Danny Massa

Just one episode after surviving a target from Frannie, Danny began to entertain the idea of turning on the remaining Tikas. After Yam Yam won immunity, Danny and the other Sokas began targeting Carson as the next vote.

However, Carolyn was still mad about not being included in the decision last time to blindside Frannie. She decided to stick with her original Tikas to vote out Danny, playing an idol to negate Heidi and Danny’s votes.

Survivor 44 Jaime

Jaime Lynn Ruiz

With six castaways remaining, the Tika three looked to have complete control of the game, with Jaime and Lauren on the outs. After Lauren won immunity, Jaime immediately became the obvious boot.

Though Tikas Carson and Yam Yam considered flipping their vote to Carolyn, who they considered to be the biggest threat in front of the jury, they ultimately held strong and voted out Jaime.

Survivor 44 Lauren

Lauren Harpe

After the final five castaways moved to a brand new beach, Lauren and Carson knew they were on the outs with the Tika trio. Once Carson won immunity, Lauren knew she was squarely on the chopping block.

While they made a compelling effort to try to flip Carolyn, she ultimately stayed loyal to the others and Lauren was voted out.

Survivor 44 Carson

Carson Garrett

After Lauren’s elimination, Carson knew he was at the mercy of the trio. With only a last firemaking challenge between him and the final three, he knew winning immunity was the only way to guarantee his safety.

Unfortunately, Heidi managed to outlast him at the final immunity challenge, leaving him vulnerable. Heidi actually elected to sacrifice her immunity to face off with Carson in the challenge, and beat him in record time.

Survivor 44 Carolyn

Carolyn Wiger

Despite the fact that Carolyn played a very strong game, including hiding information about her hidden immunity idol from her allies, the jury was not impressed. Carolyn ended with zero votes at the final tribal.

Survivor 44 Heidi

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

At the final tribal council, Heidi argued that she should be crowned the Sole Survivor due to her strategic acumen. She pointed out how she was able to use other allies as shields, but took risks later on in the game. Unfortunately, this only netted her one vote from Danny.

Survivor 44 Yam Yam

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho

Yam Yam was crowned the winner of Survivor 44 due to his strategic acumen and social skills. He impressed the jury with his knowledge of them and how he used his interpersonal skills to figure out who he could trust.

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