Below Deck’s Kate Chastain responds to speculation about her child’s father

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Below Deck Kate Chastain

Below Deck star Kate Chastain has responded to fans who have been trying to guess who the other parent of her newly-born child might be.

Kate gave birth to her son last week, and although she’s repeatedly said that she will not be discussing the identity of the baby’s father, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating, and top of the list for many viewers was chef Ben Robinson.

The main reason for this theory was how well the two experienced yachties got on during the charters they worked together on. Despite a couple of clashes, Kate and Ben remained friends after the show, and have regularly posted pictures hanging out together.

This was reinforced by a cryptic Instagram post where the pair posed together during Kate’s pregnancy, with a caption that read: “Please wish my great friend an easy delivery and a healthy beautiful baby! I am so proud of who you have become and the mother you will soon be.”

Below Deck Star Kate Chastain addresses fan speculation

However, Kate has rejected these theories repeatedly, and put her foot down online via her Twitter account.

In a tweet, she said: “For the record, the only thing this handsome guy has in common with any chef is the tendency to get emotional around meal times.”

This is a joke about Ben’s tendency to get heavily invested in the meals he created for charter guests.

Kate has previously been very open about how she plans to raise her child. At BravoCon 2022 in November, she revealed, “I’m single, you guys.”

She also stated that she is planning to raise her baby solo on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, saying: “I’m doing it solo and perhaps with some help, but I’m happy to do it alone.”

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