Where was Below Deck Adventure filmed? All filming locations revealed

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Below Deck has brought some of the most exotic places on Earth to our screens, and with the new season of Below Deck Adventure coming soon, many fans are wondering what we’ll see in the latest series.

While the original Bravo show frequently changed locations, moving to places such as Tahiti or the Caribbean, the spinoff shows have usually preferred to stay in one region for most of the series. For example, Below Deck Mediterranean stays true to its title, and only sails on the Mediterranean sea.

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Below Deck Adventure is in a similar situation, with the majority being set in one country, so here’s our guide to all the places they went to, and everything we know about the upcoming season’s location as well.

Where was Below Deck Adventure filmed?

Below Deck Adventure was filmed primarily in Norway. The yacht used for the show, named Mercury, docks in Ålesund, a Norwegian port town on the west coast.

When out on charters, the yacht sails around the breathtaking fjords that Norway and the rest of Scandinavia is known for. This is also where many of the activities that the crew take charter guests on are staged.

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It might not be as warm as some of the show’s other locations, as Norway is much further north than somewhere like Tahiti, but these charters are more active than the normal series, and guests are kept busy with activities like rock climbing and cycling.

Where will the new season be filmed?

Bravo have confirmed that the new season of Below Deck Adventure will also be set in Norway, with the crew returning to work on Mercury.

In an Instagram post, they said: “Pack your jackets; we’re heading to Norway. Meet the crew behind Mercury when #BelowDeckAdventure premieres May 17 on 7Bravo & 7plus.”

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For more Below Deck Adventure news and updates, check out our guide on when the new season drops and how to watch it.

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