Below Deck fans convinced Ben Robinson is the father of Kate Chastain’s baby

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Fans of Below Deck were momentarily shocked by an Instagram post featuring fan-favorite Kate Chastain, where she posed with chef Ben Robinson in a way that made it look as if he was the father of her child.

Below Deck has had its fair share of colorful characters over its decade-long run, but few others have captured the hearts of viewers in the way Kate did.

As one of the longest-serving crewmates, she’s become a huge star since joining the show in 2015, and has continued making waves in the reality TV world since then.

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Her pregnancy has been the source of much speculation, as Kate has confirmed that she is still single and has not revealed the identity of the father. She has also said that she plans to raise the child on her own.

Instagram post makes Below Deck fans think Ben is the father

Despite Kate’s previous assurances that she would not reveal the identity of her baby’s father, fans were still surprised to see a very suggestive post on the Instagram account of Ben Robinson, a chef from Season 2.

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In the post, Ben and Kate are posing in the way that couples traditionally announce pregnancies, which was why people jumped to the conclusion that Ben was the father.

The caption on the post reads: “Who knew that Kate Chastain and I would be the same weight one day… But to be fair I have been hitting the gym!

“Please wish my great friend an easy delivery and a healthy beautiful baby! I am so proud of who you have become and the mother you will soon be.”

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So it’s easy to see why fans were so quick to assume he was the father.

One commenter said: “I thought this was confirming Ben is the father! I was about to levitate out of my chair.”

Another said:  “I like both of them and hope they both find love and happiness, whether that is with each other or someone else. They do have absolutely wild chemistry.”

Kate has previously been very open about how she plans to raise her child. At BravoCon 2022 in November, she revealed, “I’m single, you guys.”

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She also stated that she is planning to raise her baby solo on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, saying: “I’m doing it solo and perhaps with some help, but I’m happy to do it alone.”

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