Rainbow Six Siege operation Ember Rise announced – everything we know

Bill Cooney

2019 Raleigh Major.

Even though Ubisoft were tight-lipped about details on the upcoming update, apparently that wasn’t enough to stop alleged leaks from coming out.

What is allegedly coming in Ember Rise?

Apart from the name of the Operation, Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed any details about the upcoming event.

But, the infamous Rainbow Six Siege leaker “Komora” has allegedly gotten their hands on details and concept art for Ember Rise – even though there’s no way to tell if the leaks are legit, the concept art does look similar to what Ubisoft Tweeted out on Tuesday, August 13.

KomoraAlleged concept art for Ember Rise from Komora shows an Indiana Jones-like South American scene.

Former teasers have alluded to two new Latin American Operators, one from Mexico and one from Peru, for Year Four Season Three.

It’s thought that the operators will have ties to Brazilian attacker Capitão, and involved in anti-drug and antiquity trafficking efforts in the region – which matches up with the concept art, if it’s indeed legit.

Additionally, YouTuber coreross claims to have found an easter egg in concept art for Operators Nokk and Mira that could be a hint at new, upcoming gadgets for Season 3.

What do we know for sure?

As we said earlier, it’s impossible to tell if any of the information about Ember Rise is legit apart from the name, which was officially revealed by Ubisoft.

But, Komora’s leaked concept art does look a lot like the official art posted by Ubisoft. For the other leaks, only time will tell if they’re for real or just more speculation.

KomoraAnother “leaked” concept art from Komora for RS6 Season Three.

Now that we know the name of the upcoming Operation, all that’s left to do is wait patiently and tune in to the Raleigh Major for the big official reveal.

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