Female Streamer thanks Ubisoft after two sexist teammates get banned mid-game

Calum Patterson

After sexist teammates incessantly harassed and mocked two female players on Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft stepped in and banned them mid game – to the joy of streamer ‘Lil_Lexi’.

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Rainbow Six is a competitive round based game, requiring plenty of communication between teammates, which can be difficult when some of your teammates are sexist trolls, as Lexi discovered.

After constant harassment, and Lexi’s viewers telling her to mute both of the rude teammates, Lexi eventually caught them making jokes about her and her friend being lesbians, enough to report them.

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Only a couple rounds later, and as comments from trolls kept coming, they were suddenly banned and removed from the match mid-game.

It’s unclear if the moment above was in fact reported by one of the Twitch viewers, or if their was perhaps a Ubisoft staff member watching.

Regardless, Lexi and her friend immediately gave a special thanks to Craig “Epi” Robinson, the community manager for Rainbow Six at Ubisoft.

“I’d like to take this moment to say how much I love Epi.” – “I love Epi too, that’s absolutely amazing.”

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Ubisoft clearly has a strict policy on toxicity in matches, and are definitely enforcing it strictly too, although it was perhaps fortunate that it was captured live on stream on this occasion.

In July, Ubisoft increased their ‘anti-toxicity’ moderation, saying: “fighting against toxicity and cleaning up the Siege environment is a very real and important issue.”

The following Tweet was a succinct example of their increased moderation taking effect.


Lexi streams a variety of games, but mainly Rainbow Six and PUBG, and you can watch her live on her Twitch channel.