Shroud Goes Shopping in a Hilarious Interaction with a Stream Sniper in PUBG

Ex CS:GO Pro Shroud ran into a fellow PUBG player in a humorous turn of events.

Streaming presents an array of opportunities for broadcasters to meet new players and viewers. Little did Shroud know – he’d be going on a shopping trip during one of his own streaming excursions.

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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek once played professional CS:GO for team Cloud9. Now, he is a full-time streamer – and that means getting into some hijinks every now and then.

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During one of his runs in PUBG, Shroud was confronted with a another player who wasn’t necessarily looking for a kill.

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Upon entering a hut, Shroud was met with an array of items, set up in what the player called, ‘the shop.’ Shroud played along, asking for the ‘seller’s’ best items.

“May I get you something?”

“Okay, what do I need for that level 3 helmet? I have no support in here.”

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Shroud had to trade a pan he’d recently copped from another player in exchange for the goods.

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“The pan gets you all the level 3 gear.”

“The pan?”

“That is a nice-looking pan, son.”

“That’s a deal. Take the pan of judgement.”

Shroud sealed the deal and walked away with a new slew of gear. Their interaction ended with an exchange of polite ‘thank-you’s,’ proving that not all stream snipers are out for clout – sometimes, they just want to make a sweet deal.

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