PUBG PS4 Xbox | Is using a mouse and keyboard (XIM) cheating?

There are some PUBG players on PS4, Xbox and Mobile who use a mouse and keyboard (MnK). Whether using a mouse or keyboard on console is cheating is guaranteed to spark passionate opinions either way.

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Mouse and Keyboard on PUBG Console?

The mere existence of a mouse and keyboard on PS4, Xbox and Mobile may shock some PUBG console players. Before getting into the ethics behind it, here is how a console player can utilise a mouse and keyboard.

Firstly, mouse and keyboard currently isn’t supported on PS4 or Xbox. Therefore, it isn’t possible to use MnK with the default hardware setup of either console.

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However, there is an advanced gaming input adapter, called XIM, which enables the use of alternative controllers. Primarily, the alternative controllers used are MnK.

Other supported controller inputs include joysticks, gameboards and a combination of them. The XIM also supports gamers with disabilities. Understandably, this is the number one argument as to why they haven’t been banned.

Here is the mouse and keyboard in action on PUBG PS4:

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Is MnK Cheating on PUBG PS4, Xbox and Mobile?

Officially, no. Currently, players don’t receive bans for utilising a XIM input device. Whether they should though is where the debate starts.

On the flip side, PUBG on console does not support MnK. Moreover, PUBG have confirmed they don’t have future plans to support mouse and keyboard either. Based on this alone, this arguably makes MnK on console cheating.

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There are further and perhaps more valid reasons though. The most obvious and important reason is that MnK does provide a substantial advantage over traditional PS4 and Xbox controllers.

This is because when aiming with a mouse you are able to manage higher sensitivities with greater ease. Conversely, using high sensitivity settings on a controller is a comparative nightmare, even for highest level gamers.

Other factors, such as the time it takes for a player to spin 180 degrees and the ability to manage recoil, at least to a degree, are additional reasons why aiming with a mouse is superior to that of a thumbstick.

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Why this is, is hard to articulate. Any gamer who has experienced both types of controller will immediately be able to tell the difference. Add to the equation that PUBG is a unique console shooter, in that it has zero aim assist, and you begin to understand the argument.

However, one reddit user “DabScience”, offers a good explanation as to why there is such a difference between the two.


In this argument, if cheating is defined as gaining an unfair advantage then it is only reasonable that using MnK on console PUBG, is indeed considered cheating.

So Why Isn’t MnK Banned?

Unfortunately, the use of mouse and keyboard on PUBG wasn’t an issue until it started to happen. By that point there was no system or protocol in place to stop or ban it.

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Additionally, there is the aforementioned reason that gamers with disabilities use the XIM device. As such it is justifiably argued that banning this device would impinge on their gaming experience. Consequently, a ban on XIM specifically is unlikely.

The alternative would be a way to ban mouse and keyboard through detection software. PUBG have confirmed that such tools exist and that the usage of mouse and keyboard is being monitored.


For more information about the above hacks and cheats, which enable additional map information, click the link below.

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Is the Use of Mouse and Keyboard Prevalent?

The frequency of which MnK on PUBG PS4 and Xbox is discussed would suggest it is. However, some of the complaints will be from frustrated players who were simply on the end of a good shot.

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When you are killed and suspect someone could be taking advantage of a MnK, the best way to find is through the killcam. Usually, it will be obvious. Look for the following:

  • Extremely fluid movement
  • The ability to lock on to you with surprising ease
  • Constantly turning accurately at high speeds

Even with the above criteria, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the use of mouse and keyboard. The killcam is a short clip of gaming. Within that time the opposing player could have just been very accurate and/or lucky.

With that said there are undoubtedly a substantial number of XIM users. The exact number of them is unavailable, at least to the public.

Estimates vary, with some going as high as 5% of players. This is highly unlikely though. A more realistic number would be 1%. In truth, it could even be lower than this.

Even with the assumption the number is as low as 1%, this will unquestionably result in a negative effect for PUBG players that do use the standard controller.