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When is the PUBG PS4 FPP release date? Duos out now!

Published: 10/Dec/2018 20:26 Updated: 10/Dec/2018 21:41

by Paul Cot


The PUBG PS4 launch has come and gone. Battle Royale players are now waiting for the first person perspective (FPP) mode to be released!

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The latest question on PUBG player’s minds is where and when is FPP being released? There is a hardcore player base within the PUBG community that exclusively play on FPP.

The first person perspective offers more realistic gameplay. A frequent complaint of FPP players is that TPP enables players an incentive to camp. This takes away from the skill of shooting. Essentially this is why there is such a difference of opinion on the two modes.


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FPP Release

The official word from Bluehole themselves is that they are waiting for the player base to be big enough before enabling it. This suggests the mode itself is ready to go.

It is interesting that thus far they have yet to release it though, considering the player base should be large so close after launch. Furthermore, the delay could also mean PUBG players get used to TPP and stick with it.

Xbox players had to wait over three weeks after the release to get FPP. Consequently, we think PUBG PS4 FPP will be released some time this week.


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The difference between FPP and TPP in PUBG…

PUBG PS4 Launch

Overall the launch for PUBG on the PS4 has proved a success. This is at least in comparison to the launch of “Game Preview Edition” on the Xbox where until the first patch the game was considered by most, unplayable.

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PUBG PS4 Review

Feedback on PS4’s version of PUBG has unsurprisingly received contrasting reviews.

The Bad

The bad reviews state the game suffers from lag, poor graphics and feels unresponsive. These are fair criticisms, especially in comparison to the original PC version.

If you intend on buying this game or you already have, then you probably understand the game is slow paced and tactical.


Furthermore, it has become clear PUBG on console doesn’t thrive in close quarter combat situations. The hardware in the Xbox and PS4 systems appears not to have the processing power to keep even 30 FPS during these fights.

The Good

Nevertheless, when understanding the hardware and the fact that the code is perhaps not as optimised as it should be, then the difference becomes understandable. PUBG is inferior to the latest Battle Royale game, Blackout, when it comes to responsiveness and fast-paced constant action.

However, despite the mechanical flaws of the game, kills and perhaps even a chicken dinner or two, feel far more rewarding. Moreover, the maps are bigger and unlike Call of Duty Blackout there is more to choose from!