PUBG has revealed new details on the 2019 North American pro league

With the 2019 PUBG season set to begin in January, all the details for the North American league have finally been revealed. 

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The full schedule for the 2019 season was announced on November 6, but we now have all the details for the North American league going into Phase 1.

Prior to the start of the first Phase, 32 teams will compete in preseason matches starting on January 7 to determine which teams will play in the National PUBG League (NPL) and which will be slotted into the COntenders tier (NPLC).

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An online qualifier will be held from December 11 to December 16, with the top 24 teams receiving invites to the preseason tournament. The remaining eight preseason teams will be comprised of direct invites that have yet to be determined.

Once the dust settles in the preseason, the top 16 teams will advance into the NPL, while the other 16 teams will compete in the NPLC.

PUBGThe upcoming season will culminate with the 2019 World Championship in November.
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As the season progresses, the bottom six teams from the NPL at the end of each phase will have to fight against the top 10 teams from the NPLC in a relegation tournament, with the surviving six teams moving into the NPL for the start of the next phase.

The PUBG Esports Team has stated that this system of relegation and promotion is a “constant check and balance ensures that the best of the best are always representing the NPL and that teams who train hard won’t have to wait until a completely new season to show they can play with the big dogs.”

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These 32 teams will all be fighting for a spot a the $2 million World Championship next Fall.
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Every step of the season will have a unique prize pool, with each phase having $200,000 up for grabs and the preseason having $100,000 at stake.

While the NPL official rules are still in the process of being finalized, the preseason will use the same settings used in the PUBG Europe League qualifiers.